The Shift

  • Cedar Hill ISD is announcing a plan to shift the district’s early college high school designation from Collegiate High School to Cedar Hill High School. Collegiate would then become a magnet school.

    The plan will not affect the current Early College Academy cohort, or the scholars currently enrolled in Cedar Hill Collegiate High School, but would affect incoming 9th graders at both campuses.


    Two informational meetings were conducted for families on November 9.

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  •  Why the Shift?

    TEA Required Outcome Based Measures 

    Collegiate High School








    Collegiate High School:

    The intent of an Early College High School model is to provide opportunities for at-risk students. Specifically, first generation college students and minorities who needed an access ramp to college. 

    For the past three years, Collegiate High School has met the outcome based measures related to attainment, which reflects the number of scholars working their way through the program, earning college credits and enrolling through a 2 or 4 year institution. Collegiate also met the outcome based measure for achievement; but has fallen short on the access measure.

    Despite district recruitment efforts as well as the lottery system; Collegiate High School is not attracting enough at-risk and economically disadvantaged students, African-American, male, or hispanic student groups. 


    Early College Academy at CHHS

    This year the Early College Academy (ECA) at CHHS is welcoming its second cohort of scholars.  ECA is a program designed by district leaders that currently gives scholars access to advanced placement courses, an array of extra-curricular programs and the opportunity to earn college credit through extensive summer programming.

    It it’s current form, the program does not have a formal Early College HS designation and the course sequence needs further development to lead to an Associates degree. ECA has the potential to provide even more robust programming during the academic year, a shift to the Early College HS model will help support that.


    Benefits of the Shift

    With the shift, scholars at CHHS and Collegiate will continue to have access to college courses at no cost and can obtain an associates degree. Both tracks will be available at each campus.  CHHS has a larger population, the district is confident we can meet all the early college high school requirements and offer more scholars an opportunity to attain a degree while in high school. With the shift, scholars at CHHS and Collegiate will continue to have access to college courses at no cost and can obtain an associates degree. The opportunity will be available at each campus. All current scholars currently enrolled in ECA will continue with the current programming, the early college high school model will take effect for incoming freshmen. All scholars currently enrolled in Collegiate HS will continue with their  programming, the magnet model will take effect for incoming freshmen. New MOU with our higher education institutions will provide increased opportunities to earn an associates degree with additional pathway options. Shifting Collegiate away from ECHS model will allow for more local control on admittance requirements, and create more opportunities for CHHS scholars.