Victoria Jackson Is On The Path to Becoming A Doctor

By Honisti Bisor

Cedar Hill High School Class of 2016 Graduate Victoria Jackson recently graduated from the University of Incarnate Word (UIW) in San Antonio and is now ready to work toward her goal of becoming a medical doctor.

 “I knew from around the age of 10 that I wanted to be a doctor,” Jackson said, “Being a doctor is my calling.” 

Jackson, who just completed her first year of medical school at UIW, is now on the path to her specific area of medicine. 

“I want to specify in either neurology, radiology, sports medicine, or anesthesiology,” Jackson said, “I shadowed a surgeon, but I didn’t see myself being a surgeon.”

 Her journey may have seemed simple, but it wasn’t.

“I was in the Bridge Program at the University of Incarnate Word, and in order to stay in the program to get my Doctorate, I had to keep up a high GPA, and that required a different level of determination,”  Dr. Jackson said, “I had countless nights where I would stay up until two and three in the morning just to have practice at six.” The process of becoming a doctor has been trying, but the end results were worth it.”

 Jackson contributes her ability to making it through the process to the people that are with her. 

 “Cedar Hill was family to me, I made connections and networked with the people in Cedar Hill,” Jackson said. “It’s allowed me to have a family to come back home to see whenever I return here.”

Jackson played basketball and competed in Track & Field at UIW, an NCAA Division I member of the Southland Conference.

While Jackson’s journey is far from over, the results are already proving to be rewarding. 

“It's a blessing that I am where I am today,” Jackson said, “I look back and reflect and I know that this journey wouldn’t be possible without the people in my life.”