Lake Ridge Montessori Teacher Exhibits Kindness

Kanetria Doolin had worked in education for several years in the Dallas area, both in public and private school.

“You get to be the first one to impart something on a young mind,” Doolin said.

But she said making the transition to the Montessori model of education rekindled her interest in the profession.

“You have flexibility on how you teach,” Doolin said. “You teach children to be intrinsically motivated. It’s more of an authentic way to learn.”

Doolin completed thorough Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Training to prepare herself for Montessori.

Doolin teaches Montessori Pre-K – the youngest scholars at Lake Ridge.

Lake Ridge Principal Marquita McCullum said Doolin deserves to be recognized for World Kindness Day.

“She partnered with Bridges Safehouse, in Cedar Hill, to make baby blankets,” McCullum said. “The Montessori Department has been instrumental in getting fabric donations from families and friends, and scholars are actually making the blankets. This project is one that exemplifies compassion for others, and it is awesome to know that our scholars are playing a huge role in that. 

Doolin was honored that McCullum thought she was deserving of the recognition.

“I have opened up more after having kept to myself in past years,” Doolin said. “I feel honored, and I like that someone like Ms. McCullum, who is kind, thought enough to nominate me.”

Doolin grew up in southern California and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at The University of Texas at Arlington and a Master’s Degree in Urban Education at Southern Methodist University.