Bessie Coleman Scholars Learn About the Medical Profession

Approximately 15 Bessie Coleman Middle School scholars are getting their first look at the medical profession thanks to a new club on campus.

“Their projects will become more challenging as the year goes on, and I’ll let them make the decision to shape the club,” said Bessie Coleman Pre-Med Club Founder Leslie Moore, a Cedar Hill citizen.

Moore, who’s in her fifth year teaching Employability Skills at Bessie Coleman, came up with the idea recently. Her son is graduating from high school this spring and plans to become a doctor.

As the parent of a prospective doctor, Moore learned some information about the requirements and thought it would be a great idea to get future doctors, nurses and medical employees into preparation mode.

The Pre-Med Club is part of #STEMSpired and a quintet of STEM-related clubs, including Robotics, Robotics Engineering, Crime Science Investigation (CSI) and Math Olympiad.

At its first meeting, the Pre-Med Club established rules and procedures and learned about the Hippocratic Oath, an ethical pledge that doctors take before beginning their careers in medicine. The club will elect officers who will provide leadership for the club.

The scholars are learning about different types of doctors and what it takes to excel in each specific medical field. They also learn the educational requirements for each type of doctor.

“Most of these kids want to go into the medical field,” Moore said.

Although visiting hospitals is off limits due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, scholars won’t be able to visit a local hospital, but Moore said she hopes to partner with CHISD Health Services and ensure that Pre-Med Club Members become CPR Certified.

She may also see about a doctor speaking to the scholars, either in person or virtually as well as a Community Service Project where Pre-Med Club Scholars will collect items that will be delivered to a local children’s hospital.