Recommendation Letters

Students can request recommendation letters in Naviance. Here are the steps. 

  • High school’s website
  • Resources
  • Naviance
  • School’s Postal Code is 75104
  • Username is ID Number
  • Password is birthdate.
  • If student enrolled before 2017 and birth month is a single digit do not include the leading zero. Example, if the birthdate it January 2, 2000 the password is 1022000. For students who enrolled in 2017 and after, please include the leading zero. Example, 01022000.
  • Select Colleges on top right.
  • Under Applying to Colleges, Select the second item, Letters of Recommendation.

The Naviance system will send an email to the staff member to let them know a request has been made. Students must complete the Brag Sheet in Naviance in order to help the recommender write a more thorough letter.

  • Select  About Me on the top right.
  • Select About Me Home
  • Select brag sheet under My Surveys on the left.

The Brag Sheet is set up so that it can be updated when needed. Be sure to select Update at the bottom of the page. Please be sure to provide detailed information.

Ask a staff member that knows you well and give recommenders 2 to 3 weeks notice when requesting a letter.