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Bray House System

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We are excited to announce the launch of a House System at Bray on October 7th! In a house system, all students and staff members of a school are divided up into groups called houses in order to increase positive school community and culture and to reinforce campus academic and behavioral expectations. Additionally, students learn the importance of building character and earn points for all the good choices and actions they take.


Students will be divided into the following Houses:

  • Red House of Love
  • Orange House of Excellence
  • Yellow House of Friendship
  • Green House of Courage
  • Blue House of Loyalty
  • Purple House of Honor


Additional benefits of the House System:

  • Being a part of a smaller community helps students acclimate quickly to their school environment and experience an immediate sense of belonging.

  • Students have a set of staff mentors they can go to.

  • Students have an opportunity to interact with students from all grades.

  • Increase opportunities for student leadership.

  • Reinforces our campus essentials and behavior expectations.

  • A source of positive peer-pressure and motivation that can have a positive effect in the classroom and at school.

  • At monthly meetings or rallies, students will have opportunities to enjoy creative expression, physical activity, and social engagement.