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Check Mate!

This year at Bray, we are instituting a BRAND NEW system to promote a positive school environment and culture.  It's called the Bray House System, and here's how it works:

The concept of the house system comes from the Ron Clark Academy, a world renowned middle school in Atlanta, Georgia.  CHISD is embracing the Ron Clark Experience from PK - 12th grade, in all academic subjects and extracurricular activities.  We are confident that our scholars are telling you all that they have learned about the Longhorn Essentials, which are based off Ron Clark's best selling book, The Essential 55.

The Ron Clark Experience will facilitate an overall culture and climate of inspired learning and creativity in every classroom and beyond. This will be the standard in which staff and scholars present themselves and perform socially, academically, and artistically.  

Please view this powerpoint presentation that details the purpose of the house system, and describes the theme of each house.  Make sure to ask your scholars which house they represent!  

Checkmate! Bray's House System