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Weekly Messages from Mr. Peters

Good afternoon,

We have arrived at Thanksgiving break. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve as principal of Bessie Coleman Middle School and to work with so many great staff members, scholars, and families.  Take time this week to rest, rejuvenate, and reconnect with family and friends.  Please read the information below to find out what's going on around the district and at Bessie Coleman.
District Events
Please read the attachment below to find out what is happening around the district.
Bessie Coleman Events
11/28 - Monday: 7th Girls BB (away); 7th Boys BB (Coleman)
11/29 - Tuesday: Campus Spelling Bee
11/30 - Wednesday: 
12/1 - Thursday: Band Winter Concert/ 8th Girls BB (Coleman); 8th Boys BB (Away)
12/2 - Friday: 
12/5 - Monday: 7th Girls BB (Coleman)
12/6 - Tuesday: Choir Concert (First United Methodist); Band Concert (BCMS)
12/7 - Wednesday: Staff Meeting
12/8 - Thursday: Girls BB (away); Boys BB (Coleman)
12/9 - Friday: Orchestra Winter Concert and Party
School Cancelation Reminders
Please read the attachment below to learn about the process the district uses to notify staff members and families about school cancelations.
  • CHISD communications shares weather information via email, phone calls, text messages, social media, push notification via the mobile app, website and local news outlets.

  • District leaders use forecast information from local and national weather experts, area road conditions and speak with neighboring districts to help make a decision.

  • School cancelation or delay decisions are made on a case by case basis after district officials assess any impact on district operations.

  • This decision will be made by 5:30 a.m. CHISD communications will share the information with the Cedar Hill community.

  • The CHISD Communications Department will work with Student Services and Right at School to communicate any changes to after-school care due to inclement weather.

  • CHISD communications only notifies families of cancelations, we do not send notices confirming we are having classes, use the rule : no news is good news.

Please read the attachment below on how to nominate a staff member to be a HOOPLA recipient.  We have many staff members who go above and beyond.  Please consider nominating another staff member.
Staff to Parent Communication
Ms. Catholic/Mr. Ornelas (Band): All 6th Grade Beginning Band members will have an after school rehearsal on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 from 4:20 p.m.-5:20 p.m. and one on Monday, December 5, 2022 from 4:20 p.m.-5:20 p.m. Their first concert will be on December 7, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the Bessie Coleman Middle School Gym. Please come out and support your Coleman Longhorn Band!
3rd six weeks discipline reminders (previous email)
We are now headed into the 3rd six weeks.  Expectations for classroom behavior, general area behavior, and dress code have been consistently communicated.  At least once a six weeks we celebrate those scholars who are following campus expectations.  Moving forward, scholars will also lose out on opportunities to participate in PBIS activities if they are without their IDs, not in dress code, or tardy for classes.  Please encourage your scholars in the areas mentioned above. 
Scholars will begin receiving administrator detentions for dress code violations, no IDs, and tardies.
Tutorials for core subjects are available from 8:15 am to 8:40 am every Monday - Thursday.  Campus doors will open at 8 am to allow scholars to eat breakfast before going to tutorials.  Please see the types of tutoring offered below.
ELAR - M/W - (open tutorials for make-up assignments, questions, missing assignments); T/TH (Accelerated instruction for scholars who failed the STAAR ELAR)
Math - M/W - (Accelerated instruction for scholars who failed the STAAR Math); T/TH (open tutorials for make-up assignments, questions, missing assignments)
Social Studies - M/W - (open tutorials for make-up assignments, questions, missing assignments); T/TH (Targeted tutorials)
Science - M/W - (Accelerated instruction for scholars who failed the STAAR Science); T/TH (Target tutorials)
Campus Expectations (previous email)
Every six weeks we will send out reminders that we would like for parents to reinforce so that all of our scholars are successful.  Here are the top things we would like parents to reinforce so academics are not hindered.
1) Keep your hands to yourself - we have noticed that several of our fights have stemmed from friends or acquaintances horse-playing or teasing that ends up going too far. (Fights - students who are involved in fighting will be suspended.  Anyone who is recording fights will also be suspended).
2) Tardies - please encourage your scholar to move quickly to class.  There should never be a time when they have stopped to talk with their friends.  We encourage them to walk and talk.
3) Classroom behavior - please remind your scholar to follow all instructions of the teachers or guest teachers.  Class is only 45 minutes long, so every minute is valuable.  Students need to be on task following the instructions of the teacher.  Scholars who are disrupting learning will be removed from class.
4) Positive communication - please remind your scholar if they don't have something positive to say about another scholar please keep their thoughts to themselves.
5) Report to adults when bothered - it is your scholar's right to attend school and not be bothered.  If someone is bothering them they need to report this to an adult as well as you.  Confronting the individual rarely works at the middle school level and typically results in both scholars getting in trouble.  Scholars who are bothered and decide to handle the situation may also receive consequences if it results in classroom or campus disruption.  
6) Dress Code -  please read the link for the dress code.  Specifically, in reference to jeans, jeans should have no holes, rips, or frays (or anything) above the knee.  For jeans, we are allowing high school dress code expectations (according to the district dress code).
Chromebook Information
Please read the link below about Chromebooks when students report their laptops lost, stolen, broken, etc.
Parent Pick-up (9.25.22 email)
Parents, we are asking that scholars NOT get picked up beyond the first portables.  We do not have staff members to help get scholars across the street beyond the portables.  We have received concerned parent comments about scholars running to cars and not looking.  Please remind your scholar that you will not pick them up beyond the first portables.  Also, as you drive through the center lane please drive slowly.  We want to make sure that every scholar makes it home unharmed.
Dismissal of students who walk home (Previous email)
Students who walk home are not to remain on campus.  They are expected to leave campus immediately.  We have had a number of walkers who wait around after school.  If your scholar walks home please remind them to leave campus immediately.
ZPass Implementation (Previous email)
Beginning Tuesday, all bus riders will be required to have a Zpass in order to ride the bus.  Coleman bus riders will receive their ZPass the afternoon of September 6th from their bus driver.  Please read the information below to find out more about the ZPass implementation.

Closed Campus (previous email)

This year, Bessie Coleman is a closed campus in regards to receiving outside deliveries.  Bessie Coleman will not be receiving DoorDash-type deliveries nor will we be able to deliver food to scholars dropped off by parents.  All scholars will need to bring their lunch or eat the lunch served by the cafeteria.


Key Staff Members
Principal Secretary - Kayle Perkins (
Receptionist - Ericka Palmer (
Attendance - Deniece Clark (
Assistant Principal (A-L) - Dr. Rudy Mendoza (
Assistant Principal (M-Z) - Tashara Tuck (
Counselor 6th grade and 7th (A - N) - Chimere Mitchell (
Counselor 7th  (O - Z) and 8th grade - Madrea Bell (