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Weekly Messages from Mr. Peters

Good afternoon,
Please read the information below to find out what is happening around the district and on campus.
District Events
Please read the information below to find out what is happening around the district.
Campus Events
5/08 Monday: Teacher Appreciation Week/ Adjusted bell schedule prep for Math STAAR
5/09 Tuesday: Math/Algebra I STAAR/ Band Concert
5/10 Wednesday: Staff Meeting moved from 5/03
5/11 Thursday: 8th grade TSI
5/12 Friday: 8th grade field day/ Orchestra field trip to Dallas Symphony
5/15 Monday: MAP Testing/ Choir Concert
5/16 Tuesday: Map Testing/ NJHS Ceremony
5/17 Wednesday: MAP Testing
5/18 Thursday: MAP Testing/ NRH2O Band trip
5/19 Friday: Orchestra NRH2O/ 8th Grade Formal
PTSA Meeting
Please plan to attend our PTSA meeting on 5/10/23 at 5:30pm.  We look forward to seeing you there.
Summer Math IXL (Math Teachers Only)
Please read the information below to find out how learning can be used to prevent the summer slide in math when using IXL.
Transportation Registration
Please read the attachment below to learn about registering for transportation and changes in your address.
Enrollment for Next Year!

Enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year is now open. It is the goal of the district to have 80% of returning families complete the enrollment process prior to the last day of school on May 26th. Completing the enrollment process is very important because it helps the school district better plan and determine how to allocate resources more efficiently. I will send out weekly updates to campuses, which will contain information of families that have completed the enrollment process, started the process but needs to be approved by the campus, as well as families that have not started at all. To support in achieving this goal, campuses shall communicate with families weekly multiple times to ensure they complete the enrollment process.  

Helpful Links

Enrollment Page 

Enrollment Script

Steps To Extract Enrollment Report

Volunteers on campus
With the COVID-19 cases now on the decline, Cedar Hill ISD is open and ready to welcome volunteers and mentors to our campuses. Any person entering the school building to volunteer with or be in the same room as a scholar MUST complete the Volunteer Application in Voly and submit to a criminal background check through JDP.

When does Voly/JDP have to be used?

  • Ongoing volunteer or support opportunities

  • Working with scholars one-on-one

  • When a volunteer can potentially be alone in the same room as a scholar

  • Chaperoning field trips and/or traveling with scholars

Even when going through the Voly/JDP process, volunteers will still need to enter through the main office of the school and receive a visitor pass/sticker through the Raptor system.

Dress Code
We have noticed that we have had an increased number of scholars who are coming to school out of dress code.  Please speak with your scholar about coming to school in dress code.  We have very few loaners that we are able to give out due to students not returning them.  Scholars who come out of dress code will be asked to contact their parents to bring them a change of clothes.  Dress code issues may lead to suspensions.  Below is a link to our dress code.
Visitor Identification
In an effort to keep our scholars and staff safe we will require all guests to show identification before entering the building.  Guests will ring the bell at the front door and will be asked to hold their identification to the camera.  Guests will also be asked their reason to visit the campus.  Thank you for helping us to keep our campus safe.
Student IDs 
Here are a few reminders regarding student id badges and confiscated technology. ID Badges: They're a safe and secure way for us to be able to identify every scholar in the building. If your student has forgotten their ID Badge they can purchase a Temporary ID for $1 (each time). If your scholar has misplaced their badge they may purchase a new set for $7  in person or on My Payments Plus. Parents, we need your assistance with this, it is vital for students to wear their badges while they are on campus. 
Confiscated Technology
Cell phones are permitted on campus, however they are not to be used during school hours (unless they are used for instructional purposes only and have teacher consent). If it is your scholar's first offense it is a warning, however each time after there is a $15 fee, payment can be made by cash or on My Payments Plus.  If your student's phone has been confiscated they are to be picked up in the Front Office by the parent/guardian before school 8:15-8:45 or after school 4:15-4:30 only.         
Student Absences 
It is vitally important that scholars are at school and in classes everyday.  Please help to ensure that your scholar is at school everyday on time.  Teachers are prepared to deliver Tier 1 instruction to all scholars as they prepare them for academic success. To ensure this occurs, it is imperative that scholars are in attendance daily. Research shows that scholars who miss school frequently, experience much larger declines in academic performance. So let's support our campus and scholars by ensuring they are in attendance every day, as we Educate, Empower, and Inspire our future leaders!    
COVID-19 Updates
Please read the attachment below about current COVID-19 updates.