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Weekly Messages from Mr. Peters

Good afternoon,
I hope that everyone had an opportunity to enjoy the nice weather on Saturday.  Please read the information below to find out what is happening around the district.
District Events
Please read the attachment below to find out what is happening around the district.
Campus Events
3/06 Monday:
3/07 Tuesday: Varsity Girls Choir at UIL
3/08 Wednesday: Track Meet @ CHISD
3/09 Thursday:
3/10 Friday: Last day before Spring Break/PBIS Event moved from last Friday
3/13 - 3/18 Spring Break
*PBIS EVENT - Scholars who received a discipline referral for the 4th six weeks, had more than 4 tardies in a week for the 4th six weeks, or who have outstanding balances due to purchasing temporary IDs will be unable to attend this event.  Scholars who pay off their outstanding balances by Wednesday will be able to attend if they meet all other requirements.
Weekly Bond News
CHISD May 2023 Bond Virtual Community Information Session - March 28 at 6 p.m.
  • Log on to CHISD’s YouTube and Facebook to learn more about the $208 million bond package

CHISD May 2023 Bond Community Information Session - April 4, 2023 @ 6 p.m. at High Pointe Elementary School 

CHISD May 2023 Bond Community Information Session - May 2, 2023 @ 6 p.m. at Waterford Oaks Elementary School 

STEMspired Community Fair - April 29, 2023 from 9 a.m. - noon at Collegiate Academy & High School/Wilson STEM Center

Helpful Links

Bond Website -

Teacher of the Year
Please help me congratulate and celebrate Ms. Houston for being the 2022-2023 Bessie Coleman Teacher of the Year. 
STEM Teacher of the Year
I would also like you to help me congratulate and celebrate Ms. Jackson for being the 2022-2023 Bessie Coleman STEM Teacher of the Year.  She has some large shoes to fill.  Last year, Ms. Moore won Bessie Coleman and the District STEM Teacher of the Year.  Ms. Moore is still with the district and serves the Career and Technology Department at the High school.  Let's cheer on Ms. Jackson has she looks to repeat for Bessie Coleman. 
Student IDs 
Here are a few reminders regarding student id badges and confiscated technology. ID Badges: They're a safe and secure way for us to be able to identify every scholar in the building. If your student has forgotten their ID Badge they can purchase a Temporary ID for $1 (each time). If your scholar has misplaced their badge they may purchase a new set for $7  in person or on My Payments Plus. Parents, we need your assistance with this, it is vital for students to wear their badges while they are on campus. 
Confiscated Technology
Cell phones are permitted on campus, however they are not to be used during school hours (unless they are used for instructional purposes only and have teacher consent). If it is your scholar's first offense it is a warning, however each time after there is a $15 fee, payment can be made by cash or on My Payments Plus.  If your student's phone has been confiscated they are to be picked up in the Front Office by the parent/guardian before school 8:15-8:45 or after school 4:15-4:30 only.         
Student Absences 
It is vitally important that scholars are at school and in classes everyday.  Please help to ensure that your scholar is at school everyday on time.  Teachers are prepared to deliver Tier 1 instruction to all scholars as they prepare them for academic success. To ensure this occurs, it is imperative that scholars are in attendance daily. Research shows that scholars who miss school frequently, experience much larger declines in academic performance. So let's support our campus and scholars by ensuring they are in attendance every day, as we Educate, Empower, and Inspire our future leaders!    
COVID-19 Updates
Please read the attachment below about current COVID-19 updates.
After School Pick up (previous email)
We are still cleaning up our after school pick up for this semester.  Buses will be cleared by 4:30 pm and the front of the school will be available for pick up at that time.  To help make sure we are able to get everyone onto the property we are asking parents who pick up not to have greater than two car links of space between you and the next driver.  This will allow every car to be on property during pick up and not on Pleasant Run.
PAPER (previous email)
On January 9th CHISD introduced a new app available to all scholars called Paper.  Paper is an online tutoring service available to scholars 24/7.  Scholars have an icon on their homepage "P" which will allow them to access a tutor.  CHISD will also utilize Paper to meet HB4545 requirements for one-on-one tutoring to address gaps in learning and skill building. Below is a link to the district webpage that has additional information about Paper. 
ZPass Implementation 
All bus riders are required to have a Zpass in order to ride the bus. If your scholar misplaces their bus pass they will need to get a temporary bus pass from the front office before 6th period.  Please read the information below to find out more about the ZPass implementation.
Parent Pick Up (previous email)
Last Thursday and Friday we made some adjustments to our afternoon pick up.  The adjustments were made for two reasons.  The first reason was to ensure the safety of our students.  We have had an increasing number of parents attempt to pick scholars up from the front of the school before 4:30 pm.  During this time we still have buses on campus and it is not safe for students to cross in front of the buses.  We have also received a request from the city to keep Pleasant Run clear from traffic.  There have been some concerns about traffic from our pick up affecting the traffic on Pleasant Run.  We thank you for your patience as we try to address everyone's concerns. 
Tutorials for core subjects are available from 8:15 am to 8:40 am every Monday - Thursday.  Campus doors will open at 8 am to allow scholars to eat breakfast before going to tutorials.  Please see the types of tutoring offered below.
ELAR - M/W - (open tutorials for make-up assignments, questions, missing assignments); T/TH (Accelerated instruction for scholars who failed the STAAR ELAR)
Math - M/W - (Accelerated instruction for scholars who failed the STAAR Math); T/TH (open tutorials for make-up assignments, questions, missing assignments)
Social Studies - M/W - (open tutorials for make-up assignments, questions, missing assignments); T/TH (Targeted tutorials)
Science - M/W - (Accelerated instruction for scholars who failed the STAAR Science); T/TH (Target tutorials)
Campus Expectations (previous email)
Every six weeks we will send out reminders that we would like for parents to reinforce so that all of our scholars are successful.  Here are the top things we would like parents to reinforce so academics are not hindered.
1) Keep your hands to yourself - we have noticed that several of our fights have stemmed from friends or acquaintances horse-playing or teasing that ends up going too far. (Fights - students who are involved in fighting will be suspended.  Anyone who is recording fights will also be suspended).
2) Tardies - please encourage your scholar to move quickly to class.  There should never be a time when they have stopped to talk with their friends.  We encourage them to walk and talk.
3) Classroom behavior - please remind your scholar to follow all instructions of the teachers or guest teachers.  Class is only 45 minutes long, so every minute is valuable.  Students need to be on task following the instructions of the teacher.  Scholars who are disrupting learning will be removed from class.
4) Positive communication - please remind your scholar if they don't have something positive to say about another scholar please keep their thoughts to themselves.
5) Report to adults when bothered - it is your scholar's right to attend school and not be bothered.  If someone is bothering them they need to report this to an adult as well as you.  Confronting the individual rarely works at the middle school level and typically results in both scholars getting in trouble.  Scholars who are bothered and decide to handle the situation may also receive consequences if it results in classroom or campus disruption.  
6) Dress Code -  please read the link for the dress code.  Specifically, in reference to jeans, jeans should have no holes, rips, or frays (or anything) above the knee.  For jeans, we are allowing high school dress code expectations (according to the district dress code).
Dismissal of students who walk home (Previous email)
Students who walk home are not to remain on campus.  They are expected to leave campus immediately.  We have had a number of walkers who wait around after school.  If your scholar walks home please remind them to leave campus immediately.

Closed Campus (previous email)

This year, Bessie Coleman is a closed campus in regards to receiving outside deliveries.  Bessie Coleman will not be receiving DoorDash-type deliveries nor will we be able to deliver food to scholars dropped off by parents.  All scholars will need to bring their lunch or eat the lunch served by the cafeteria.


Key Staff Members
Principal Secretary - Kayle Perkins (
Receptionist - Ericka Palmer (
Attendance - Deniece Clark (
Assistant Principal (A-L) - Dr. Rudy Mendoza (
Assistant Principal (M-Z) - Tashara Tuck (
Counselor 6th grade and 7th (A - N) - Chimere Mitchell (
Counselor 7th  (O - Z) and 8th grade - Madrea Bell (