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Malachi Taylor Tells His Story

Malachi Taylor

Malachi Taylor, Eighth Grade, 14 Years Old, Bessie Coleman Middle School

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Malachi Taylor is an eighth-grader at Bessie Coleman Middle School. In August 2017, Dr. Billy Snow served as the district’s convocation speaker and invited Malachi, a former student from the Transformation Zone that Dr. Snow led in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, to assist with his speech. Malachi was a campus winner of The Amazing Shake Competition in Shreveport and Dr. Snow’s mentee. Speaking at convocation, Malachi described Cedar Hill as feeling like home. On Dec. 30, Dr. Snow received a call from the Cedar Hill Board of Trustees informing him he was the lone finalist for the superintendent position. He called his family and then he called Malachi who said he wanted to move to Cedar Hill. Malachi shares his story in his own words.

What drew you to Cedar Hill ISD?

I knew Dr. Snow was here already and I feel like my mom was gonna go pretty much wherever he went because Dr. Snow is like a father figure to me. Any time I need him, I call him.

After we left Shreveport, we were staying in Allen, Texas for a little while. Then my mom was able to get a job out here in Cedar Hill. So it led us from Allen, Texas, to Cedar Hill.

[At convocation] I loved the energy. It was something that made me come out and express myself the way that I did. That’s why I sat down on the edge of the stage and got all comfortable and stuff. I just laid it all out. My story.  I wouldn't have been able to do that if it wasn’t for the energy that was in that building. So it was like, I feel like I was loved. They felt me. They just felt what I was saying. That was a big part of what I liked about it.

I feel like everybody was drawn to me. And it wasn’t just that; I didn’t want you to be drawn to me, I wanted you to be drawn to the story and what I had to say up there.


What do you think makes CHISD special?

I think the people do. The people make Cedar Hill The Leading Choice.

The kids and the teachers, they have high expectations of me already. I feel like I can do a lot better when I have people around me that have positive thoughts about me and have high expectations of me. So I feel like I can do better in school.

[CHISD is] pretty nice. I wouldn’t mind staying here for the rest of my school life.


What is your favorite part about being a Longhorn?

I think being a student as a Longhorn makes me feel special. I can just walk around campus and just have people call my name all day. Even students that just call my name: “Hey Malachi! Hey Malachi!” I must have got it big here [Laughs].

I feel like I’m more focused here. I don’t have to worry about anyone messing with me or my loved ones or anybody having negative thoughts or negative comments about us.


What would you tell others who are thinking about coming to CHISD?

Just be yourself. I thought I was gonna come here, and I thought I was gonna have some problems [be]cause I was the new kid. But the moment I got here, a student was at the door and literally said, “Hey, are you Malachi? Are you the new kid?”  It put a smile on my face. It made my day.

I would tell them it's a better atmosphere that you’re around. You don’t have to worry about being bullied or going through negative things. If you have anybody you can lean on, you can depend on the teachers. That’s also another thing I like about CHISD. Period. This school, the teachers - we have a special bond. So it just makes you feel better to be a student at this school. It’s positive, all positive. I haven’t had a negative thought or comment on me since I’ve been here at this school.