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Morning Drop off and Afternoon Pick Up

Afternoon Pick-up


Buses will load in the front


No cars will be loaded until the buses are gone (scholars will be staged while the buses are loading) Cars will need to enter from Parkerville Rd onto Pickard.  (You will not be able to enter from Joe Wilson) Cars will also not be able to park on Pickard.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade will be picked up on the curb side closest to the building  and will enter the first entrance.  Grades 3-5 will be in lane two, and they will make a right into the entrance closet to Joe Wilson and will be staged there until the buses are staged. The front car will be at the baracade.

Pre-K families and Day Care Vans will load at door #2.  The staff will bring them to you. 

Drivers please do not leave your car in the afternoon.

(Please remember that we will still have the the older sibling picked up at the location for the youngest scholar in your family.)


Walkers will need to meet siblings at the bike rack.  If they are meeting parents they need to know they are walkers as we will not be calling students out to meet parents to walk.

Please follow the directions of the staff to ensure everyone's safety.

Please be patient.



Morning Drop-off


Pre-K will use door #3 and will be greeted by one of the Pre-K staff.  The entrance to door #3 is accessible by the drive that connects with Joe Wilson at the rear of the building. (Please use extreme caution around the buses) Older siblings of Pre-K students may enter Door #3 or Door #12.

All other vehicles will drop off in the front using only the lane closest to the building so scholars can enter through door #12. (The lane closest to the building, please allow Pre-K traffic to turn into lane one so they can exit) Please do not pass other cars to cut in line, as this is not safe.  All traffic should enter Pickard from Parkerville.