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Flagship 5

Scholars, please adhere to the Flagship 5:

Flagship 5

Hallway Expectation - Walk in the hallways in the correct direction and stay to the right when there is a two-way hallway. Be polite to everyone and do not block areas. You may listen to earphones while in the hallway as long as one ear is uncovered. Staff may not permit a scholar to be tardy without issuing the scholar a pass. 


Entering & Exiting a Classroom - Be punctual & enter the class wearing an ID, in dress code, greeted by the teacher, as well as scholars greeting the teacher. Make sure they are respectful and following protocol. Teachers will check for ID and dress code violations before the scholars enter the classroom.  Clean your area at the end of the class period and turn in any assigned work/exit ticket. The teacher will stand at the door and dismiss the class when the bell rings. 

Managing a Device (Chromebook, Calculator) - Bring your school issued chromebook charged every day. Use only during appropriate times. Complete the appropriate assignment. Put away when not needed.

Addressing a Need (Sharpen Pencil, Use Restroom, Get a Supply) - Inform your teacher of your need in a respectful and polite manner. No pass issued use during the first 15 minutes & last 15 minutes of class. SmartPass approval is required. 

Managing a Cell Phone - Cell phone use is not permitted in the classrooms. Scholars can use it while in the hallway and in the cafeteria with headphones so long as one ear is uncovered.