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CHHS Student Procedures & Expectations

Cafeteria Expectations

Scholars will report to the cafeteria only during their designated lunch period. Scholars will retrieve their lunch using the barcode on their ID badge. After retrieving their lunch, scholars will select a seating arrangement. If scholars wish to remain inside the cafeteria, they must be seated at a table or standing at the stools along the perimeter. Scholars who wish to stand may do so on the patio. At the conclusion of the lunch period, scholars will clean their area and report to their designated class.

ID Badges

Scholar and staff ID badges must be worn visibly above the waist while on school grounds. Scholars will be denied access to campus if they are unable to present their ID badge and refuse to retrieve a temporary ID. Scholars will not be allowed in classrooms, campus events, lunches, buses, or other campus facilities without presenting the proper identification.


ID Color Codes

9th Grade - Red | 10th Grade - Silver | 11th Grade - Black | 12th Grade - White

Food Deliveries

Scholars are not allowed to receive food deliveries (UberEats, GrubHub, Favor, etc.). Any food delivered to a scholar that is intercepted will be confiscated and discarded. The scholar requesting the delivery will be subject to a conference with the administration and a disciplinary consequence. 

Unauthorized Access to Campus

All scholars and visitors will enter the campus through Door 1 at the front of the school to check in at the front office after the first tardy bell. No scholar should open an exterior door for anyone throughout the school day. All school and district personnel will be able to access the building and will not require anyone to grant them access. Scholars who open a door for other scholars or unauthorized visitors will be subject to disciplinary action.

Personal Device Policy

Scholars are allowed to carry their personal devices (cell phones, tablets, music players, etc.) with them on campus. School assignments will not require the use of a personal device during instruction. Teachers will provide assignments that are compatible with the district-issued Chromebook. Scholars are expected to bring their charged Chromebook every school day to complete assignments in class. Teachers have the authority to ask scholars to put away or confiscate their personal devices or Chromebook at any point during the class period. Any confiscated device is susceptible to the district’s scholar Code of Conduct. Failure to follow a teacher’s instructions will constitute insubordination.