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Barnes and Nobles Volunteer Event Success

Twenty-seven Collegiate students volunteered throughout the day at the Cedar Hill Barnes and Noble Store for our Collegiate Academy and High School Library annual book fair. They were helpful and courteous, as expressed to me by customers, staff, and even management in both Barnes and Noble and Starbucks. They were enthusiastic, sweet, polite, steady, and showed all around good customer service. The public relations manager said these are the kind of young people they would definitely hire! (when they are old enough)  Ms. Newman brought a group of her theater students and presented a one act play and Mr. Coleman brought select choir students who performed several songs. These performances were phenomenal and lots of parents were in attendance.  Our Collegiate Teen Library Board performed a Reader's Theater of "The Night Before Christmas" as well.  Students lead "Story Time" by reading to children, assisted at a Lego table, helped kids with Christmas crafts, delivered coffee orders at Starbucks, wrapped gifts, and handed out numerous vouchers so purchases  would credit our book fair.  Some books were purchased for our library directly from our Wish List Table in the store: these are in the library already! Additionally, I was told that ours was the highest grossing book fair sales ever at this location. As of 5:00, when we left,  the sales total was $5,400.00! and the credits will continue as people shop in the store and on-line for the next few days using our voucher number. (Collegiate Academy & HS #12461604)  It was a great day: promoting and representing our Collegiate Campus in the community.