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Zonar Student ZPASS/ Temporary Scholar Pass


ZPASS has been implemented in the Cedar Hill ISD Transportation Department to enhance student rider safety with instant, online insight into our fleet’s ridership. With this system, transportation personnel and parents are able to know when and where riders get on and off. Furthermore, Transportation Personnel will be able to securely access data online, anytime, to protect those on board and make the most of our fleet.

Transportation will be able to monitor:

In the event that a scholar does not have a ZPASS card, the scholar will need a Temporary Scholar Bus Pass in order to ride the bus. For a replacement card, please visit


Temporary Scholar Pass

Throughout the course of the school year, parents/guardians will periodically grant permission for children to go to the home of a friend and/or other relatives after school. In some instances, this will necessitate having to guest ride a school bus to an alternative address. It is important to provide accurate information to the bus drivers so they know that the bus riders are on the correct bus. Please view below the guidelines regarding the Temporary Scholar Bus Pass.


1. All students must have written permission from a parent/guardian to utilize district transportation services to go to go to an alternate address from their regular address and must submit to their home campus. Alternatively, office personnel may initiate a phone call to establish authenticity. Please note: Drivers will not take handwritten notes from parents and/or office staff. 

2. Without parental verification of authenticity of the written request, the student will not be permitted to utilize district transportation services to go to an alternate address from their regular address.

3. Once office personnel have verified its authenticity, the Temporary Scholar Bus Pass form must be completed by office personnel in its entirety, no blanks.

A. Once the form has been completed, the scholar must present the Temporary Scholar Bus Pass to the driver. Without the completed and signed form, the form is not valid and the student will not be permitted to ride the bus.

B. The driver will keep the Temporary Scholar Pass with their student information for the duration of the pass. 

5. Once the Temporary Scholar Pass has expired, the driver will turn in the Temporary Scholar Pass in to the Operations Supervisor and will then file for the remainder of the school year. 

Please Note: All Temporary Scholar Bus Passes expire after 30 days. If an extension is needed, the process must be repeated.


All students riding a Cedar Hill ISD School Bus are only allowed to use existing school bus stops.

Please note: Scholar Pass is only valid for 30 days!

  • Safeguard riders by knowing who’s on which bus, and where, at any moment.

  • Help search for missing children by quickly identifying when and where a rider got on or off.

  • Quickly and accurately help parents who are looking for their child’s bus.

  • Analyze historical ridership data by bus to optimize routes and stops.

  • The principal assigns a designee who may grant permission for a scholar to ride a bus.

  • The principal or Designee fills out scholar pass. 

  • Scholar presents scholar pass to driver. All information must be filled out in order for the scholar to board the bus.