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Transportation Handbook for Scholars with Special Needs

The purpose of this handbook is to provide parents and staff with a source of information and support which addresses issues, responsibilities, and concerns with special needs transportation. The full scope of the special needs transportation operation is much broader than can be contained in this booklet. It is not intended to be all-inclusive, but rather an attempt to share important information with all parties associated with transporting students with disabilities. Should you have questions about the handbook, feel free to contact us (972) 293-5599.

Special Needs Scholar Transportation Handbook

Transportation Handbook for CHISD Scholars

Riding the school bus is a privilege. This privilege may be temporarily denied or suspended if a student chooses, through misconduct, to jeopardize the safe operation of the bus, and the safety of the scholars riding the bus. Drivers must give their attention to driving; therefore, scholars riding the bus need to always know and follow the rules. Please note: STUDENT BEHAVIOR WILL BE MONITORED USING AUDIO/VIDEO CAMERAS IN BUSES.

Transportation Handbook for all scholars