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Bus routes are created to enhance student safety while maximizing vehicle efficiency. Stops are created that allow students to wait off the main roadway for the bus if possible. Stops are not placed on dead end streets whenever possible to minimize bus accidents while backing (backing is a very dangerous maneuver for a school bus). Stops are spread as far apart as criteria will allow to decrease the number of stops each bus will make on its route, thus minimizing riding time for the students.

A student is eligible for transportation services if he or she meets the following requirements:

  • The student resides 2 or more miles from their home campus (campus of regular attendance)
    • The 2 miles are measured via the shortest driving route between the front of the residence and the front door of the school.
    • The home campus is determined by the student's residential address and the assignment boundary of each school.
  • The student has been approved to receive transportation by an ARD committee and that information has been included in the student’s IEP (Individual Education Plan).

A student is ineligible for transportation services if he or she falls into one of the categories:

  • Involuntary transfer students
  • A student lives within 2 miles of his or her home campus

If you do not see your route after 5 days of registering and you know you qualify for services, please contact the routing coordinator at 972-293-5599 ext. 104.