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L.E.A.D. Program

Cedar Hill ISD has launched its Aspiring Principals Academy - L.E.A.D. This initiative follows the 70/20/10 model which allows for formal learning through professional development and job embedded opportunities with an assigned mentor and direct supervisor.  Cedar Hill ISD’s L.E.A.D. program will increase the number of ready leaders available to fulfill principal vacancies. L.E.A.D. is designed to be flexible to meet the individual needs of CHISD assistant principals and ensure district leaders prepare them to become high-performing campus leaders.

  • The Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD) program identifies current CHISD leaders who are motivated and aspire  to grow their personal and professional skills to prepare them for  campus leadership roles in the District.  
  •  L.E.A.D. gives CHISD an accountability tool and system that  develops leaders and fosters a culture to retain qualified assistant principals.

  • L.E.A.D. follows a cohort model which allows leaders to strengthen connections and network across CHISD. 

  • Regardless of whether team members are selected for the program, ALL APs will receive training through core development opportunities.

Leadership Cohorts will: 

  • Collaborate with other leaders in an interactive environment • Cultivate the skills needed to accelerate their career 
  • Engage in relevant learning experiences geared toward  leadership development

At CHISD we believe in intentionally building the capacity of our leaders. Our hope is that this development opportunity will continue to show our commitment to investing in our Assistant Principals by providing them with unique and targeted opportunities to grow in their leadership. 


Minimum Requirements:

  1. 2 years AP experience 

  2. Principal licensure certification or currently enrolled in certification program 

  3. Letter of recommendation from principal

Application Requirements:

  1. Background Information (your name and campus)
  2. Acknowledgement of principal recommendation
  3. Self Assessment on Unlocking Every Longhorn’s Potential (UELP)
  4. Preferred 2-3 session topics 

 "The leadership experience my admin team has gained from the LEAD program has had a positive impact on our goal setting and communication. I am excited about our leader's future." 



 “The LEAD Fellows program has greatly impacted my effectiveness as a leader.  It provides structured time for me to work on goals and action steps to achieve my goals. Through self-reflection, coaching sessions, and the support of my colleagues, I have been able to refine my skills and have a greater impact on the students I serve.”

dr. trevenA nelson, plummer principal


“The CHISD LEAD Fellows program is a unique experience that has provided me insight into the Holdsworth perspective of building capacity in others. This process is rigorous and stretches both the mentor and mentee. It has informed my thinking and has impacted my leadership philosophy. I am honored to participate.”

DWIGHT perry, coleman principal