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Teacher Certification Renewal Requirements

Holders of the Standard Classroom Teacher Certificate shall complete 150 clock-hours of CPE every five years.

Specific requirements are contained in TAC §232.11 of this title (relating to Requirements to Renew the Standard Classroom Teacher Certificate).

An individual who holds a classroom teacher certificate cannot count more than 25% of the CPE activities toward renewal for an individual who holds a classroom teacher certificate shall include instruction in the following topics:

(A)  collecting and analyzing information that will improve effectiveness in the classroom;

(B)  recognizing early warning indicators that a student may be at risk of dropping out of school;

(C)  digital learning, digital teaching, and integrating technology into classroom instruction;

(D)  educating students with disabilities, including mental health disorders;

(E)  educating students who are educationally disadvantaged;

(F)  educating English language learners;

(G)  educating students at risk of dropping out of school; and

(H)  understanding appropriate relationships, boundaries, and communications between educators and students.

For more specific information on what qualifies as appropriate CPE credit, see TAC §232.11.

Teacher CPE Tracker
Once you have completed your tracker, upload to Eduphoria as a back-up. TEA performs random audits on professional learning certification documents.