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Librarian Certification Renewal Requirements

Holders of the Standard School Librarian Certificate shall complete 200 clock-hours of CPE every five years. 

§239.65. Requirements to Renew the Standard School Librarian Certificate.

(a)  An individual issued a standard librarian certificate from September 1, 1999, to August 31, 2000, is subject to Chapter 232, Subchapter B, of this title (relating to Certificate Renewal and Continuing Professional Education Requirements), except that only 150 clock-hours of continuing professional education must be completed during the first five-year renewal period. During subsequent renewal periods, the holder of such an active standard librarian certificate must satisfy the most current requirements for renewal.

(b)  An individual issued the standard School Librarian Certificate on or after September 1, 2000, is subject to Chapter 232, Subchapter B, of this title.

(c)  An individual who holds a valid Texas school librarian certificate or endorsement issued prior to September 1, 1999, may voluntarily comply with the requirements of this section under procedures implemented by the Texas Education Agency staff under §232.810 of this title (relating to Voluntary Renewal of Current Texas Educators).