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Counselor Certification Renewal Requirements

Holders of the Standard School Counselor Certificate shall complete 200 clock-hours of CPE every five years. Specific requirements are contained in §239.25 of this title (relating to Requirements to Renew the Standard School Counselor Certificate).

An individual who holds a school counselor certificate that is renewed on or after June 1, 2019, must complete CPE activities directly related to each of the topics listed in subparagraphs (A)-(D) of this paragraph. Not more than 25% of the CPE activities for an individual who holds a school counselor certificate shall include instruction in the following topics:

(A)  assisting students in developing high school graduation plans;

(B)  implementing dropout prevention strategies;

(C)  informing students concerning college admissions, including college financial aid resources and application procedures; and

(D)  informing students concerning career opportunities.

For more information, see §239.25.