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Cedar Hill ISD offers Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) elective at all middle and high school campuses, and elementary scholars will have access to AVID lessons starting in the 5th grade.  

Profile of an AVID Scholar 

  • Regularly Attends Classes
  • Has a Desire to Attend College
  • Enrolled in Rigorous Academic Courses such as Pre-AP, AP & Dual Credit
  • Passing Scores on State Assessments Has a GPA of 2.0-3.5

Inside the AVID Classroom

Lessons are led by the school assigned AVID teacher and are geared toward exposing scholars to what is possible when they graduate from high school. Class assignments can include interactive presentations from business leaders, military personnel and current college students. AVID scholars also participate in college tours, field trips to local businesses and complete community service projects.

AVID scholars use their creativity to create a personal portfolio based on their goals and successes. The assignment is geared toward helping scholars market themselves and exploring their interests as they learn more about possible careers and plans after graduation.

How Do Scholars Select AVID as an Elective?

  1. During online course selection, scholars currently in grades 5-11 can select AVID as an elective.
  2. Scholars must complete an interview with the campus AVID team as part of the application process.
  3. To access the online course selection, visit the Student Access link available on or speak with their campus counselor.

Responsibilities of AVID Scholars

The AVID program requires hard work and perseverance and is effective only if participation is voluntary. Students must sign a contract agreeing to:
  • Enroll in AVID as an elective class.
  • Enroll in a rigorous course of study.
  • Study at least one to two hours a day and complete all assignments.
  • Maintain an AVID portfolio. 
  • Participate in AVID tutorial groups.
  • Participate in AVID field trips and activities.
  • Take the PSAT and SAT or ACT in high school.
  • Apply for scholarships and/or financial air in the senior year
  • Apply to several colleges and universities in the senior year.