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Cedar Hill ISD  believes the professional growth and development afforded the clinical teacher during their internship is critical to the successful transition from student to teacher. We will work with you to see that quality placements are made to enhance the student learning process.

Request Procedures

  1. A written placement request must be sent from the college, university, or teacher preparation program to Judith Aguilar at
  2. Clinical Teachers must be approved through the Cedar Hill ISD Volunteer process.
    • Please visit to apply.
    • Once a Voly account has been created, an email will be sent from JDP asking volunteers to complete a background check.
    • Approval time is normally 1 to 5 business days if there are no flags in the applicant's background.
    • If an applicant’s account is flagged for any reason, approval could take up to two weeks. If you have any questions, please email
    • All clinical teachers must use their legal names. Any error when entering information will prolong the approval process.
    • Once a clinical teacher's request for placement has been accommodated, they will be required to scan their Driver’s License at the campus each day.
  3. Approved placement notifications will be sent to the college, university, or teacher preparation program office for student notification.
  4. The campus principal will be notified of the potential clinical teacher.
  5. If a campus has a cooperating teacher, the clinical student will be placed in the assignment.