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Branding Guide

A brand is more than a logo. It is who we are at our core and what we represent. It is our promise to our families & the community. Creation, application or any use of the Cedar Hill ISD brand elements must conform to approved standards found on this page as authorized by Cedar Hill ISD.

The District owns various trademarks and copyrights and has used and continues to use in commerce the trademarks and copyrights.  The trademarks and copyrights include the letters CH, CHISD, the distinctive CH design, a distinctive design of the outline of the State of Texas with a longhorn design and other indicia. 

To protect this valuable asset, the District has federally registered some of the valuable marks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (#5405067).   

It is imperative that Cedar Hill ISD brand elements are used properly on all merchandise, web, printed materials, signage, etc. in a quality manner.  When using the Cedar Hill ISD brand elements, whether for internal use, departmental use, organization use, being publicly displayed, being sold or otherwise distributed in commerce, all specifications for usage must be met and visually approved by Cedar Hill ISD.   For questions or to request the usage of CHISD logo please email the CHISD Chief of Communications at

The use of the University of Texas Longhorn is prohibited. Using this image could result in legal action against Cedar Hill ISD.   Official Cedar Hill ISD Brand Book   

Branding Assets

Approved District Colors








Silver Grey