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Voter Approved Tax Rate

State law requires that school districts seek voter approval to raise their M&O tax rate above a rate set by state law.

If the board adopts a tax rate that is greater than the calculated rate set by law, that triggers an election called a Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE), which is held on uniform election dates (November). If the voters do not approve the measure, then the M&O tax rate reverts to the maximum rate allowed under state law.

For additional information about how CHISD plans to manage the tax rate to increase revenues in an effort to balance the budget, visit the Budget Deficit page. To offset this increase in the M&O tax rate, the district is looking at lowering the I&S by an even greater amount to provide an overall total tax rate decrease.

Note: Even with a decrease in the I&S tax rate, the amount of money available is sufficient to pay down existing debt due to the rise in local property values. For additional information about the I&S tax rate and the district’s amount of debt, visit the I&S section of the Finance 101 page.

November 7, 2023 Voter-Approved Tax Rate Election

This is a turning point for the future of the Cedar Hill Independent School District! 

Unofficial election results from Dallas County Elections show our voter approved tax rate election (VATRE) passed; now CHISD has the funds needed to give all educators a raise and hire additional police officers to serve our elementary campuses.  The CHISD Board of Trustees and leaders want to express our sincere appreciation to all members of the Cedar Hill community who participated in the voting process. Your engagement and commitment to the well-being of our children are truly commendable.  

Thank you to the City of Cedar Hill Mayor Stephen Mason, city staff, council members & their education committee for formally endorsing the district's VATRE. Thank you as well to the City of Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce, All-Pro Dads, PTA Council and the other active community groups who endorsed and supported this ballot proposition. 

Cedar Hill ISD remains dedicated to transparency and accountability in managing the additional funds, and we will keep our community informed about how the funds are being used.  With Tuesday night's election results, our young people are truly the big winners. By voting "for" in this election, you showed your support for our learners, teachers and education in Cedar Hill.

- Dr. Gerald B. Hudson, Superintendent