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2021- 22 State Assessments

2021-22 State Assessments

In Cedar Hill ISD, we believe that teacher assessment of learning is the most meaningful form of knowing our scholars as learners, but we recognize that data from tests like STAAR and TELPAS can help us evaluate the impact of the COVID pandemic on scholar learning.

According to the Texas Education Agency, every Texas public school district is required to administer the End of Course (EOC), STAAR and TELPAS exams. However, scholars must be physically present at school to take the assessments. 

STAAR Assessment in grades 3-8 do not affect promotion or retention decisions. However, not participating in End-of-Course (EOC) assessments in high school does have implications for 9-12 grade scholars, who must pass EOCs as part of graduation requirements.

All scholars in grades 3-8 who are unsuccessful, or do not take STAAR for Reading and/or Math, will have to attend Summer School.

STAAR Assessment Dates
STAAR Date Method
English I EOC April 5 Digital
English II EOC April 7 Digital
Algebra I EOC May 10 Digital
Biology EOC May 11 Digital
US Hist EOC May 12 Digital
Grade 8 Science May 12 Digital
Grade 8 Social Studies May 13 Digital
Grade 3-8 Math May 17 Digital
Grade 3-8 RLA May 18 Digital
Grade 5 Science May 19 Digital