Power Up- Longhorns Connected

  • As part of the Power Up:Longhorns Connected initiative, every scholar will receive a Chromebook to aid in their learning.  Every parent and guardian must complete the required Scholar/Parent Power Up: Longhorns Connected Agreement, this includes families who do not want their child to receive a device.     

    The required consent agreement is available NOW in Skyward Family Access. 

    Steps to Complete the online form:

    1. Families & scholars should review the Power Up:Longhorns Connected handbook, a link is available at chisd.net/devices and on Family Access.
    2. Click here to log in to Family Access (email family.access@chisd.net if you have difficulty logging in.)
    3. The online agreement is available at the top of the homepage of Family Access.
    4. Click the “complete online form” link.
    5. Select Yes (to allow your child to receive the chromebook) or No (to opt out)
    6. Type in your name to complete the electronic signature process.
    7. Scroll to the bottom and select complete Step 1 and Move to Step 2
    8. Click the submit button.



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  • Device Distribution Dates/Time/Locations

  • Overview

    In Cedar Hill ISD, our Power Up: Longhorns Connected program will continue our commitment of unlocking every Longhorn’s potential. 

    Having digital devices available to scholars 24/7 will support the design of lessons that meet the individual needs of learners both inside and outside the four walls of the traditional classroom. Technology is a foundational tool scholars will use to support the development of the attributes of the Cedar Hill ISD Learner Profile.

    The goal of Cedar Hill ISD’s Power Up: Longhorns Connected is to empower our scholars so they leave us with the skills and knowledge needed to be globally competitive, now and in the future.


    Beginning in March 2021, every scholar enrolled in CHISD will begin participation in the Power Up: Longhorns Connected initiative. Every CHISD scholar will receive a Chromebook that is labeled with a CHISD barcode, a protective case with their name on it, and a power cord.

     Consent/Opt Out

    Before any CHISD scholar receives the device, the following needs to be completed:

    • The scholar and a parent/guardian must sign the Scholar/Parent Power Up: Longhorns Connected Agreement. 
    • The required consent agreement is available in Skyward Family Access. Families must sign in to their Family Access account to complete the required consent form, or to opt out.
    • Families who opt out of receiving a Cedar Hill ISD Chromebook, are responsible for providing an internet capable device to bring to school each day and CHISD is not responsible for service, repair, loss, theft or damage. Families may opt-in for a CHISD Chromebook at any time. 
    • Parents are encouraged to attend a Power Up: Longhorns Connected Digital Parent University session held by the district which provides information regarding the district-provided devices. 

    To access Skyward Family Access click here.

     Devices at Home

    Chromebook use will be filtered and monitored both on and off campus using a district owned filter and management software.

    Additional information Can be found in the Power Up: Longhorns Connected Handbook or within the questions below. If your question is not addressed below, you can also email devicesupport@chisd.net  for more information.

    If you are unable to resolve issues with your device, the next step would be to email devicesupport@chisd.net or contact the campus librarian in the Library. This email will be routed to the person who can best help you solve your problem.


  • What will each scholar receive?

  • When will each scholar receive their device?

  • Who will receive Chromebooks to take home?

  • What is a Chromebook?

  • Why a Chromebook?

  • Can Chromebooks be logged into with a non-Cedar Hill ISD Google account?