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Upcoming Interest Meetings

March 19, 2024
6:00pm - 7:00pm
Cedar Hill  High School - 1 Longhorn Blvd.

TEA Benchmarks

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has developed a designation process for Early College High Schools. The designation process ensures that school districts and colleges operating Early College High School campuses maintain the integrity of the model, which was researched and designed to specifically target and serve students who might not otherwise attend college. The TEA Early College High School Blueprint—which guides the designation process—includes six benchmarks.

Each benchmark includes a set of design elements, activities and products. More information on the ECHS Blueprint can be found on the relevant pages of the TEA website.

As a designated Early College High School, Crockett is working towards implementation of the ECHS Blueprint. More information on the benchmarks can be found via the links below.


The Cedar Hill High School Early College Academy is designed to offer scholars a personalized and supportive college-preparatory environment as well as a chance to earn an associate degree from Cedar Valley College. Scholars can take advantage of the fine arts, athletics, and other programs available at a comprehensive high school. Students who apply to available career and technical education pathways can receive industry certifications and internships.

Early College Academy at Cedar Hill High School:
  • creates a means to higher education for first-generation college-going students
  • provides dual credit at no cost to scholars, saving families thousands on the cost for college
  • allows scholars to earn college credits while attending a comprehensive high school and participating in extra-curricular activities
  • increases college attendance and success rates for all scholars
  • offers rigorous instruction and accelerated courses
  • provides academic and social support services to help scholars succeed
  • increases college readiness
  • reduces barriers to college access

Is this the right fit for your scholar?

  • Your child is interested in being immersed in the college experience through college coursework and naturally strives for excellence and high achievement.
  • Your child is interested in obtaining college credits and working toward an associate degree or higher.
  • Your child is interested in participating in extracurricular activities such as athletics and fine arts.

Associates Degree Information

  • Associate of Arts Degree AA - Graduate with up to 60+ college credit hours and an associate of arts degree that may be transferable to any public university in the State of Texas

Admission Requirements

  • The Early College Academy (ECA) is designed to serve incoming ninth-grade scholars who have the determination to attend college, are first-generation college students, and have been historically underrepresented in higher education.
  • Applicants should be part of an underserved minority group, at-risk, and/or economically disadvantaged.   
  • Transfer scholars requirements 
    • The scholar must have passed ALL of their classes from the prior semester/year (Documentation required - Last report card and/or transcript)
    • The scholar must have 5 or fewer unexcused absences in the prior semester (Documentation required - Attendance Record/Letter of Attendance from the prior year)
    • The scholar must have no more than 1 discipline referral and NO out-of-school suspensions or DAEP/LLAEP placements in the prior year. (Documentation required - Discipline letter/Letter of Discipline Assurance from the prior year)
    • The scholar must have passed all required state testing (Documentation Required - state testing results.