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School Choice Program Expansion Plan

Highlands Elementary School

World Language Academy - 2026-27

We pIan to open the World Language Academy at  Highlands Elementary School in the 2026-27 school year. Highlands Elementary is an incredibly diverse campus with bilingual programs. We want to build upon that foundation so scholars who wish to learn Spanish – an important career skill – can do so. This program will also provide American Sign Language courses and others to further prepare our little Longhorns for the future.

Waterford Oaks Elementary School

Technology Academy - 2025-26

Waterford Oaks Elementary will exemplify the early portion of the STEMSpired integration with the launch of the Technology Academy in 2025-26.

Plummer Elementary School

Biomedical Sciences Academy - 2025-26

Plummer scholars will experience new STEM courses in the elementary Biomedical Sciences Academy starting in 2025-26. This choice program will feed into the Biomedical Sciences program at Permenter Middle School and create a true pathway that supports STEM.

Permenter Middle School

Biomedical Sciences Program - 2026-27

The Biomedical Sciences Program at Permenter Middle School will open in the 2026-27 school year. This will operate as a program within the school and offer interested families a chance to apply and be exposed to STEM careers while in middle school.

Bessie Coleman Middle School

Fine Arts Program - 2026-27

To further support our award-winning fine arts programs, interested families can apply for the Fine Arts program at Bessie Coleman Middle School starting in the 2026-27 school year.