Community Updates

    CHISD continues to expand its offerings for scholars and services for families and staff. The district is currently accepting submissions from the community for names for:

    CHISD Teaching & Learning Center (1533 High Pointe Lane)
    Centralized Enrollment Center (504 E. Beltline)
    STEM Center (1515 Beltline Road)

    As a requirement of the Cedar Hill ISD Board of Trustees Operating Procedures: "In making its decision, the Board may accept nominations from individuals or a campus advisory team. The Board may also consider recommendations from the District Education Foundation. Nominations and recommendations shall be submitted in writing and shall include a brief statement with the following information:
    a. Biographical sketch
    b. Significant contribution made by the individual
    c. A compelling statement as to why a school or facility should be named after
    the person.  

    The Board may name a portion of a building, such as the library, auditorium,
    gymnasium, or other special facility, to honor an outstanding individual, including
    but not limited to:
    a. A local resident
    b. A state figure
    c. A national or international figure
    d. A former student

    The District is accepting nominations until May 10, 2021.