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    Welcome to the Cedar Hill Academy of Vocal Artsi!

    CHAVA (pronounced Hah-Vah) is also the Hebrew word for life, so CHAVA = Life! 

    CHAVA is an integrated program within the main campus of Cedar Hill High School and Ninth Grade Center that allows students to focus on multiple aspects of vocal performance while studying and completing a rigorous academic course load that will prepare them for acceptance into a four-year university. Our goal is to prepare students for any major of their choice, but to also make sure they could audition as Theatre, Voice, or Musical Theater major and gain acceptance and possible scholarships into a quality program.

    Students can be enrolled in only Theatre, only Choir, or decide to center their high school experience within CHAVA and take both Theatre and Choir in ninth and tenth grade. For a four-year course plan for CHAVA Majors, click here.