Mrs. Archana Tiwari

Phone: 469-202-2021


Degrees and Certifications:

MS in Genetics BS in Education BS in Science ( Major- Botany, Zoology & Chemistry) Texas Teaching Licence- Composite Science (6-12) Gifted & Talented Trained AVID Trained ESL Trained Advance Placement Trained Blackboard certified educator from DCCCD.

Mrs. Archana Tiwari

Archana Tiwari, a native of India has been teaching for the past 17 years in the US. She loves cooking and travelling, spending much of her time each holiday season perfecting recipes. Mrs. Tiwari has a BA in Education and Science, as well as a MS in Genetics and Chemistry. Mrs. Tiwari’s foremost belief is that each student be granted an opportunity to learn. Her motto is “never stop learning, and growing from the inspiration that lies within”. She believe that teachers are lifelong learners and teaching is an ongoing research as every classroom is a miniature community housing different abilities and learning styles. Mrs. Tiwari believes that every student has a potential to learn provided a positive environment created through appropriate skills and strategies. She encourages her students to develop a lifelong commitment of personal growth through their own awareness, and growing from the inspiration that lies within. As a teacher, Mrs.Tiwari sees herself as a facilitator of learning, who tries to set the stage for learning to take place by creating a positive, productive and nurturing environment. Indeed, Mrs. Tiwari believes in support and encouragement for all of her students.