Phone: 972.293.4501 Ext.5350


Degrees and Certifications:

Art Education, BFA - University of North Texas Master of Business Administration - Amberton University M.A.Ed., Educational Leadership - Concordia University

Mrs. Stephanie Baldwin

Grade/Subject:  K-5th Grade Visual Art Teacher

Years at Cedar Hill ISD: 2

Years in Education: 23

Best way(s) to contact me: or 972.293.4501 extension number #5350 -  Planning Period - 8:05.a.m. -8:50 a.m. daily.

Parents must know: We have ongoing performances throughout the year and details are communicated via email.  Please check your email frequently for updates.

More about me:

Why did I become a visual art educator? 

I became a visual art educator because I discovered at a young age the value of the visual arts in my daily life.  The act of creating art helped me to create my own identity.  The process of developing an idea and seeing that idea come to fruition with my own hand gave me a sense of accomplishment unequaled in any other educational experience I recall.  The lessons I learned through art I find applicable to every other aspect of my life and learning.

 What do I believe about visual art education?

I believe that visual art education is an integral part of a student's complete education.  I have come to believe through personal experience that the arts teach a student to make decisions and problem-solve.  The arts harbor a sense of value and accomplishment.  The arts help foster an individual sense of identity, which in turn helps a student develop as an individual.

What will a student in my class come to experience and learn?  

A student in my classroom will encounter a multitude of art media from 2-dimensional to technology.  They will participate in the artistic process from an idea's inception to creation through reflection and critique to exhibition. The artists that develop in my class will leave with an appreciation of the arts that transcends skills but infuses itself into aspects of their everyday life.

What impact will my class have on the life of a child?

I endeavor to provide a foundation for my students that will help them as they mature as artists and as individuals.  Through their experiences as an artist, critic and reflective observer, they will learn many lessons that will aid them in their development.  It is my belief that through experience in my class they will come to know the importance of the visual arts in today's society and how it contributes to every aspect of our daily life.