Longhorn Futures Committee 2.0

  • The Cedar Hill ISD Board of Trustees and administration have reconvened the Longhorn Futures Committee to once again evaluate, assess, prioritize and report their findings on future capital project needs for the CHISD.

    The Longhorn Futures Committee is made up of a thorough cross-section of the CHISD community:

    • Parents and non-parents
    • Young adults and senior citizens
    • CHISD staff
    • CHISD Teen Superintendent
    • Cedar Hill business owners
    • Cedar Hill community and civic leaders

Who Serves on the LFC?

  • 60-75 pre-selected stakeholders who:

    • are respected in the community
    • work well with others
    • are not be afraid to speak up or take action
    • have the scholars’ and district’s best interests at heart
    • can commit to attending 4 evening meetings

The Longhorn Futures Committee Charge:

    1. Represent the entire community in the facility planning process
    2. Review, assess and prioritize the District’s current and long-term facility needs
    3. Consider the educational needs of all scholars and align recommendations with CHISD’s mission, vision and student outcome goals.
    4. Consider the district’s current financial position and funding methods to develop a recommendation that is fiscally sound.
    5. Report their findings to the Cedar Hill ISD Board of Trustees to include recommendations on how to proceed with a long-range facilities plan.