STEM Schedule
  • Block Scheduling Benefits for Scholars

    • The schedule means scholars can focus on just four subjects each day and with four classes per day, it can translate into less daily homework. 
    • The shift to a block schedule also aligns to the schedule many higher education institutions use, which allows our scholars to become acclimated to the schedule well before graduating.
    • With the opportunity to earn eight credits each year, there is more room in a scholar’s schedule to take advantage of electives, CTE courses, dual credit classes and other experiences.

    Block Scheduling Benefits for Teachers

    • For teachers, a block schedule means they see fewer scholars over the course of the day which allows them the time to build closer bonds and get to know each scholar’s individual learning needs more deeply.
    • Block scheduling means that teachers can take advantage of smaller group lessons more frequently. With smaller groups, collaborative learning can take place more easily.
    • When there are fewer classes per day and semester, teachers have longer planning periods to develop their lessons.