• Waterford Oaks Elementary offers clubs for the scholars to be a part of. Please see the list of clubs below

    WOE Clubs


    WOE's Club for 2020-2021

    Professor's Name Name of Club Intended Grade Level Short Description of Club
    Amy Jackson Sign Language Club 3-5 Teach scholars ASL sign language. My parents are deaf.
    Jacqueline Fletcher Puzzle Club 3-5 Skill-building fun of jig-saw puzzles, mazes, matching games, and hidden Pictures puzzles.
    Quiana Parks Yoga K-2 Encouraging increased mindfulness and relaxation for younger scholars
    Melissa Tyler and Wayne Joseph Outdoor Sports Club 3-5 grade Club that will focus on various outdoor sports. Scholars will learn the rules and how to play these sports. Scholars will learn how to play on an a team and about sportsmanship. Some sports/games will be ones you can play independently for rec. and leisure.
    Cheryl Hurst Card making 3rd and 4th grade Make made cards, such as holiday cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, etc... We will make Holiday cards for the local retirement or assisted living centers as a service project.
    Jordan/Stiggers Dance Club 2-5 Modern/popular/hip hop dancing & health tips
    Tiara Frazier Bakers club 3-5 (Back up club if I can’t join the dance club) scholars will learn how to follow directions , measure with conversions , work together , prep for culinary school for vertical alignment , learn about entrepreneurship if we are able to sale the items
    Catherine Coleman Recycling Club 4-5 Recycling papers from various teacher. Saving the earth
    Cristina Gonzalez Kids Can Cook K-2 Introducing younger children to cooking using recipes with 5-6 ingredients. Tasting/trying new foods and discussing if they liked it or not, what they would change, would they cook it again.
    James Duty Drum 3, 4, 5 A club where scholars can play and perform multicultural music and rhythms using Drums and classroom instruments.
    A Drumming Ensemble or Drum Band
    Dona Tinsley Puzzles and more! K-2 Students will have fun using problem solving skills to put puzzles and puzzle games together.
    Elizol Perez Spanish Club I am not sure yet 1-5 any suggestions welcome I would like to focus on teaching them how to orally communicate with others.
    P. Williams / L. Jacobs Art Club Pre-K only Students will complete various seasonal art activities.
    Ms. Belt-Hamilton WOE SINGS 3-5 This club will be those students who like to express themselves through song.
    Lisa Trent WOE Crafters 2-5 This will be an arts and crafts club that will allow students to design and build creatively.
    Valencia Flannigan Game Club 3-5 Students will have fun learning and playing old and new games. This will include board games, card games, and outdoor games.
    Pamela Ford-Scott Reader's Theater 3-5 This club will help scholars in reading and learning how to use vocal expression.
    Victoria Dean OMG Science Club K-2 Scholars will understand scientific knowledge through experiments.
    LAKESHIA MCGEE Coloring and painting K-2 Students will engage in coloring and/or painting activities.
    Zella Wright Handwriting K-2 This club will offer legible manuscript foundation practice that connects to better reading and spelling skills and future achievement on composition writing as well as developing a motivation to daily writing.
    Samantha Hammons Cross Stitching Club 4-5 Arts and crafts. A fun craft for creating decorative items for the home and creative gifts for others.
    Danielle Williams Legos/ building K-2 Here you will express your creativity by building with Legos and other building materials.
    Lalita Ballard Social Etiquette 3-5 Teach scholars basic etiquette training.
    Ms.Beltran Travel Club K-2 Scholars will take adventures to learn about different cultures Around the World.
    Ceskina S Sewell WOE Robotics in Action/ STEM club 3-5 Robotics / STEM cub provides students with an introduction to robotics, including the mechanics and programming systems. Students have the opportunity to participate in simple task competitions and team building activities. All students in third through fifth grade are eligible to participate in the Introductory Robotics Program. Teams will design and program their robot, research and develop solutions for the event's challenge
    Johnie Warren Scratch 4 & 5 Students will learn the basics of coding.
    Gabrielle Keller Brain Power 3-5 grade Play critical thinking games, solve puzzles, and mysteries to help grow minds for critically thinking.
    Ariel Bourgeois Phonics Fun! K-2 Practice mastering your phonics skills in a fun way! Students will participate in various hands-on phonics activities that will help them become the reader they strive to be!
    Valerice Babb Typing Club 3-5 This club is to introduce scholars to the skill of touch typing. Through the use of guided and video instruction, scholars will be taught the strategies and skills needed to type.