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    Founded in 2002, the Cedar Hill ISD Education foundation is an independent non-profit organization.  Since our founding, we have disbursed and pledged $673,784,52.  Included in this figure is the $12,500 in grants we awarded on May 2, 2019 during our Grant Patrol, the $2,000.00 we contributed to recognize the CHISD Teachers of the Year.  We have not yet updated the total giving to reflect the over $5,000 spent in March of 2020 procuring school supplies to be distributed to student families.   

    Cedar Hill Funding

    This is the total amount the foundation has given in grants, scholarships and in support of special initiatives since our founding in 2002.  Follow these links to learn more about recent activity: 2019 Grant PatrolTeachers of the Year$30,000 for AP Rewards Program.




Our Mission

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    To support education by providing resources to inspire staff and impact student lives.

    CHEF Board of Directors - 2021


    Monica Kenney, President

    Tim Clifford, Treasurer

    Rosemary Ruiz, Secretary

    Alfonso Hernandez, Vice President of Governance

    Dr. Steven Gaa, Vice President of Programs

    Dr. Camille Gray, Vice President of Development

    Keyven Lewis, Vice President of Community Engagement & Marketing


    Chalamaine Armstrong

    Michelle Carter-Pope

    Gina Farmer

    Tiffany Ingram

    Royce West


    Neil Bolton, Executive Director of Technology

    Dr. Gerald Hudson, CHISD Superintendent

    Michael Lemmon, Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation

    Tracy Pounders, Corporate Agent

    Dr. Denise Roache-Davis, CHISD Board of Trustees

    Tierney Tinnin, Chief of Communications and Marketing

    Executive Director

    Denise Root, CEFL


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