This document is to provide guidance for the Cedar Hill Independent School District Fine Arts programs as it relates to COVID-19 and summer camps with guidance from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and University Interscholastic League (UIL).  Fine Arts programs that have summer camps scheduled will be allowed to begin their respective camps by following the phases outlined.  Phase I of this plan will commence on June 15, 2020 that will allow all ‘Program Leaders’ (Band Directors, Cheer Coaches, Orchestra Directors, Choir Directors, Theatre Directors and Drill Team Directors) to report and begin to post signage and ensure their rehearsal spaces are set up with the below guidelines.  Phase II of this plan will begin June 22, 2020 with the addition of student leaders being allowed to report to camp after all pre-screening is complete and parent consent forms are on file.  Phase III will begin no sooner than June 29, 2020 and will allow general membership to report for camp after the pre-screening process has been completed.  This plan is aligned to UIL rules and guidelines and personalized to meet Cedar Hill ISD expectations.  Fine Arts will work closely with UIL, state and local public health officials so that timely and accurate information is provided.  Out of an abundance of caution, we reserve the right to make modifications to these expectations as additional guidance is provided to us moving forward.



     Campus Program Leader is expected to ensure all health protocols are being successfully implemented and followed daily during in-person sessions with students and staff.  Schools must follow all requirements of state and local authorities in addition to the requirements below:



    • Attendance at practices and rehearsals must be optional for students and in compliance with the rules for summer practices and rehearsals. In addition to on-campus options, program leaders should also consider providing students guidance for practicing at home or remotely away from the school.  This can include virtual practices/lessons, SMART music lessons, emailed or otherwise electronically delivered practice instructions, or any delivery model approved through Cedar Hill ISD.
    • Attendance records are required to be kept daily, however, students shall not be required to attend and they must be allowed to make up any missed days or practices.
    • Students should report to practices and rehearsals in proper attire and immediately return home to change clothes or shower at the end of the session.
    • During practices and rehearsals, staff must ensure appropriate social distancing, hygiene, and safety measures are consistently implemented and monitored.
    • Students are not allowed to change practice or rehearsal groups once initially assigned.  Each student MUST remain in their assigned group for the entire duration of camp.
    • Practices and rehearsals can only be held in the district. No out of district practices, rehearsals or camps will be allowed.



    • Each program must have hand sanitizer or hand-washing stations (20 seconds minimum recommended) readily available in the practice and rehearsal areas.  Students and staff should be encouraged to use it frequently throughout their sessions.
    • All surfaces in the practice and rehearsal areas must be thoroughly disinfected throughout and at the end of each day, this includes but not limited to: doors/handles, counters, lockers, shelves etc. 
    • Equipment must be thoroughly disinfected before AND after each use.  If a student uses a piece of equipment, that equipment must be thoroughly disinfected BEFORE another student uses it this includes: music chairs, stands, tuners, podiums etc.  Campuses can limit the use of equipment to further reduce the risk of spreading the virus.
    • Students are prohibited from sharing any items: clothing, towels, dance shoes, costumes, poms, megaphones, riffles, wind instruments, water or food to name a few.
    • No clothing or towels may be laundered on site.





    Screening Questions:

    • Any contact with a person who is/was positive for COVID-19
    • Have you had contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
    • Recent symptoms of worsening cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing?
    • Recent symptoms of at least two of: fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell?



    • Before the start of summer practices and rehearsals, and at the start of every summer practices and rehearsals, campus Program Leads will pre-screen all staff and students for COVID symptoms that they or others living in their house may experience. This can be completed by phone prior to the first day of practices or rehearsals, in person or in writing electronically. Students and staff must self-screen every day for COVID-19 symptoms for themselves and family members. 
    • All Program Leaders must wear the appropriate face covering during arrivals and are required to take the temperature of each student and staff member upon arrival (curbside) before admittance into the rehearsal spaces.  Programs will use a digital thermometer that allows for a safe distancing of these readings.  All readings must be documented and confidentially filed daily along with daily attendance records.
      • Program leaders will have clearly marked areas for students that will allow for appropriate social distancing as students are arriving and leaving from rehearsals.
      • In the event a student or staff member temperature is 100.0 degrees or higher they must be isolated immediately and sent home and are not allowed to rehearse or come in contact with anyone on the premises.  The student or staff member is required to follow all local and state guidelines in the event by notifying their campus administrator and the parent or guardian.  More information can be found at cdc.gov/coronavirus.  

    Hand sanitizing stations – will be set up outside near the screening checkpoint where all fine arts students must sanitize their hands prior to entering the building.

    Hydration - Students are allowed to bring their own jugs for rehearsals but must ensure they bring enough water to safely maintain adequate levels of hydration.  Students will not have access to water fountains on campus.  It is recommended to not allow a student to practice who does not bring water to keep properly hydrated.

    Facial Coverings - Students who are not actively participating are required to wear cloth face masks.



    • Prior to Phase I of this plan for summer camps all Program Leads will provide communication to parents or guardians regarding COVID-19 and the return plan.  Staff will check in and complete the screening process each day.  All Program Leads will check all staff members’ answers to pre-screen questions before camps begin.
    • Program Leads will maintain accurate and confidential records of attendance for each day and every session.
    • Staff will stay home if they answered “YES” to any of the screening questions or if they do not feel well.
    • Staff will use hand sanitizer before entering the facility, and throughout the day.
    • Each staff member will bring their own personal water labeled to ensure they are hydrated properly once outdoors.
    • Staff are recommended to wear face coverings where appropriate for practices



    • When students report for rehearsals and practices they will be directed to their check in station.  Parking will be predetermined for each group to minimize interactions when students are arriving and departing.  The screening checkpoint will be managed by Cedar Hill ISD Program Leads at that particular school.
    • Each program should have a prescribed entry and exit procedure that reduces the number of students in an area and can safely practice social distancing while entering or exiting the rehearsal spaces.  It is recommended to stagger start times, stagger small groups, assign students to specific entries and exits to ensure even distribution of students entering/exiting at each entry point, providing guidance to students to enter one at a time and wait six feet apart outside the entrance.  



    • Students must exit the route predetermined by their Program Lead while practicing social-distancing, avoiding contact with other students and staff.  A staff member will be placed outside to monitor students as they leave the premises accordingly.
    • Parents must park in the exit designated areas of the parking lot and must stay in their cars during the pickup process (if that’s the student’s way of transportation).  If a student drives to practice they would have to leave immediately at the conclusion of their scheduled session.


    Marching Band and other Activities Conducted Outdoors



    • Student workouts and specific groups will be coordinated by our Program Leads to minimize exposure i.e.: flute sectionals, trombone sectionals, line officers, new recruits etc. Students are REQUIRED to remain with a single group or cohort to minimize the number of students and staff that must isolate if a case is confirmed.
    • Students and staff must maintain at least six feet of distance from all sides when not actively practicing or rehearsing. When actively practicing and rehearsing, students and staff must maintain at least ten feet of distance from all sides.
    • Students may be placed in working groups no larger than a ratio of 1:15.  Each working group should maintain the appropriate distance from other working groups.
    • Any equipment, such as keyboard instruments, mats, poms, flags etc. should be regularly disinfected during practice sessions. This equipment should not be shared between groups. After a group has used such equipment, that equipment must be thoroughly disinfected before being used by a different group.
    • No students are allowed to be unsupervised at any given moment.
    • Program Leads will direct wind players to empty their water keys in a designated area away from group members.
    • Students are not allowed to have any person-to-person contact for any reason.


    • In the event of inclement weather groups will immediately report indoors to either: the band room, choir room, orchestra room, dance room, and/or cafeteria.
    • If the indoor space does not meet the requirements of proper social distancing, Program Leaders are to dismiss students in order to maintain proper teacher to student ratios as outlined above.



    • Students and staff must maintain at least six feet of distance from all sides when not actively practicing or rehearsing. When actively practicing or rehearsing, students and staff must maintain at least ten feet of distance from all sides when possible.
    • Indoor practices and rehearsals can be conducted up to a maximum of 25% capacity of the program’s enrollment. This will increase to 50% capacity beginning June 22, 2020 
    • Students may be placed in working groups no larger than a ratio of 1:10. Each working group should maintain appropriate distance from other working groups.
    • All chairs must be spread at least six feet apart to maintain social distancing.
    • Program leaders recommended to place tape on floors so students can clearly recognize margins of use while adhering to social distancing.
    • Program Leads will direct wind players to empty their water keys in a designated area away from group members (in a trash receptacle).
    • No students are allowed to be unsupervised at any given moment.
    • Students are not allowed to have any person-to-person contact for any reason.



    During practice and rehearsal breaks students must maintain social distancing with adult supervision at all times. If a student needs to use the restroom during breaks, do not allow groups to do so, we will utilize the one in – one out model.  Please remind students to wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.



    • Students may not congregate in these areas and must maintain proper social distancing at all times.
    • Program leaders are to consistently monitor and only allow 2-3 students at a time if space allows.
    • Students are not allowed to store clothing and other items in this area that are not utilized for that current rehearsal.
    • It is recommended to place a sanitizing station outside of this area.



    • Facilities Cleaning – facilities will be disinfected and sanitized per UIL guidelines, before, during, and after practices/rehearsals.  Emphasis will be given to ensuring disinfecting high touch surfaces and surfaces that are used by multiple students, disinfecting will occur between users.
    • Equipment like chairs, stands, podiums, tuners, mats, poms, flags, will be sanitized after each use.
    • District custodians will clean and sanitize at the end of each day.



    • There will be a designated drop off area for all fine arts students and will be communicated from each respective Program Lead.
    • There will be a designated parking area for all students who drive themselves to camp.  Parking availability will be marked off for every other spot to be used so that interaction in the parking lot is restricted.
    • There will be a designated pickup parking area for all fine arts students who are exiting the facilities.  Parking availability will be marked off for every other spot to be used so that interaction in the parking lot is restricted.




    Phase I Week of June 15, 2020

    • Program leaders are to prep their respective areas for proper signage i.e. ‘social distancing’ etc., disinfectant, and arrangement of their rehearsal and practice spaces.
    • Program leaders are contacting all students to conduct pre-screening questions and file paperwork.
    • Program leaders are communicating the camp schedule(s) and first day reporting instructions to those members cleared to report.


    Phase II Week of June 22, 2020

    • Program leaders may begin camps with their leadership teams i.e.: section leaders, drum majors, captains, and officers only.  Program Leaders must ensure everyone has completed the appropriate pre-screening and is clear to report to camp.
    • Program Leaders may begin camp instruction by following all guidelines outlined in this document and strictly enforcing the expectations to all camp participants.
    • Program Leaders must continue to disinfect all areas as outlined 


    Phase III Week of June 29, 2020 

    • Program leaders may begin allowing additional students of the program to report to camp given they are clear to report and capacity numbers are strictly enforced
    • Program leaders are to ensure all safety measures are adhered to throughout the duration of camps
    • Program leaders are expected to ensure documentation is filed daily and kept on record for easy retrieval 



    • Parents/Guardians will be notified on the information outlined in our return to campus plan and safety measures prior to Monday June 22, 2020.
    • Email options prior to June 22nd will be sent to all parents/guardians outlining our return to campus plan and safety measures.
    • Program Leaders will educate fine arts students via Zoom meetings before they show up for day 1.  Maps and information will be provided to share.
    • Students will have a Zoom educational session about symptoms and preventative measures prior to June 22, 2020.



    • All Fine Arts staff scheduling summer camps will meet via Zoom to learn new procedures and protocols to ensure safety is adhered to.
    • Students will be required to participate in a Zoom or other virtual meeting with their Program Leader to walk through the entry/exit procedures for their specific campus.  During this orientation, students will…
      • Complete the screening questionnaire with their Program Leader
      • Learn where to park for practices and rehearsals
      • Experience the social distancing “waiting line” on the sidewalk prior to reaching the screening station.
      • Show through maps where hand-sanitizing stations will be located.
      • Show the students where the onsite screening location will be located and provide information about the onsite screening.
      • Provide a detailed plan of camp schedules, assigned groups and other materials that will be learned.



    • Sanitation supplies delivered and placed and predetermined places.
    • Trash cans delivered and placed strategically for paper towels used at each station.
    • Social Distancing signs, RR signs, hand washing signs, check-in signs will be made and displayed.
    • Sidewalks will be marked for social-distancing spots during the check-in process.
    • Rehearsal spaces will be prepared and marked for social-distancing.
    • Hand sanitation stations will be set up for use throughout the camp areas.



    If a student appears to have symptoms or becomes sick during the day he/she will be immediately separated from other students/staff and instructed to return home. The Program Leader or campus administrator on duty will notify the parent/guardian of the student followed by notifying Cedar Hill ISD district administrator Pamela Reese-Taylor, Director of Health Services and Chris Santos, Emergency Management Coordinator and follow district COVID guidelines. A symptomatic student will be managed as a presumptive COVID-19 positive and all precautions will remain in place until testing confirmation is received. Fine Arts students who are presumed or confirmed COVID-19 positive cannot report to campus until cleared to do so by the Cedar Hill ISD campus administrator.

    • Positive Test Confirmed: If a positive case is identified among a participant in these summer activities, either staff or student, the group to which that staff or student was assigned and in contact with must be removed from the sessions while all members of the group self-isolate. If the confirmed individual regularly had close contact outside a single group, then all of the students and staff with whom the confirmed individual had close contact shall be removed from camp for two weeks.
      • Program leaders are required to have all students remain with a single group or cohort to minimize the number of students and staff that must isolate if a case is confirmed.
      • For example: If a student in one cohort tests positive for COVID, the student and that one cohort must isolate. Students may not rotate groups for any given reason.
    • If a student has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID–19 or has a family member that lives with them that has tested positive for COVID -19: 
    • Students should inform the Campus Program Leader and the Campus Principal will inform Pamela Reese-Taylor of the Health Services Department  for further guidance.
    • The Program Leader will consult with Cedar Hill Administration for guidance on how to proceed to notify students who may have been exposed to COVID-19. Guidance information will include CDC guidelines on how to quarantine and district rules for returning to rehearsals and practices post positive testing.
    • Confidentiality: All staff will maintain confidentiality regarding all medical issues of students.   There will be no sharing of information with anyone other than with Pamela Reese-Taylor of the Health Services Department.
      • Staff will ensure that both students and staff members’ privacy rights are maintained and not shared with anyone outside of those outlined here.


    COVID Symptoms for Screening

    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Chills
    • Repeated shaking with chills
    • Muscle pain
    • Headache
    • Sore throat 
    • Loss of taste or smell
    • Diarrhea 
    • Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit 
    • Known close contact with a person who is a lab confirmed to have COVID-19


    Helpful Resources 



    *Please note that Cedar Hill ISD is receiving guidance from state and local health officials and reserve the right to make adjustments to this document as this is a fluid situation.