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    Dear Bessie Coleman Parent/Guardian,


    Your child has signed up to participate in a new, exciting DJ club called DJ Big Al Experience.This program is for all 6th, 7thand 8thgrade students at Bessie Coleman.  We will use one-to-one and small group mentoring relationships to introduce students to career and life changing opportunities in djing. DJ teacher will meet with the students regularly during and after school. Throughout the school year, students will be in charge of different performance such as lunch jams, sock hops, school dances, pep rallies and much more 


    TheDJ Big Al Experiencetakes place every other Monday after school from 3:00-4:30 pm. Meeting times may change depending on the teacher.  Transportation is notprovided after school. All students will need to be picked up on time after meetings in the back of the school. Some events may go over and will be communicated buy the teacher. Some events are held on Saturdays and transportation will need to be arranged for your child.


    In addition to having a career and becoming a young man/woman focus, during each meeting your child will listen to short presentations provided by a professional DJ on subjects such as time management, careers, college, goal setting, self-image, social skills/etiquette, peer pressure, managing emotions, entrepreneurship, etc.  Your child and teacher will develop a friendship and bond by spending time together on a consistent basis which, in turn, will help your child improve his self-esteem and skill levels that will hopefully improve their academic performance and character both at school and at home through this craft.


    If you want to be apart of this movement of further developing our young men/women and help Bessie Coleman’s DJ teacher by volunteering please reach out to Alvin Collins at alvin.collins@chisd.netor via phone at 214-868-1761. Volunteer mentors are interviewed and assessed for approval by the school administration. Cedar Hill ISD runs a background checks and we must have clearance for all potential volunteers.


    General information regarding your child’s school performance and behavior will be collected from school personnel.  One of the DJ teachers will conduct a short 15-minute interview with your child at school to determine his personal interests for match compatibility and his desire to participate in the program. All information collected regarding your child will be held in confidence among the teachers.  


    Please complete the online application at http://chisd.net/djclubas soon as possible to allow your child to participate in this program. We have limited space so please return information as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact either of the names below. 


    Thank you for your cooperation and desire for a school-based club for your child.  We’re looking forward to working with you and providing this additional skill for your child!  




    Alvin Collins – DJ Teacher                                                                                               


    (214) 868-1761