• LRE Clubs

    Clubs will NOT take place until further notice. Once up and running, they occur during the school day on designated Fridays from 2:00-2:45 p.m.


    2020-2021 Club Club Sponsor Grade Level
    American Sign Language Lynn 2-5 Grades
    Arts & Crafts Windham PK-2
    Book Club Cantu PK-2
    Build It! Bailey PK-2
    Business/Finance Courtney 4-5 Grades
    Cheer A. Williams 3-5 Grades
    Chess Hryekewicz 3-5 Grades
    Coding Savage 2-5 Grades
    Coloring Book Maglott PK-K Grades
    Coloring Book C. Williams 1-2 Grades
    Continent Research Lynch 1-3 Grades
    Cooking: The Little Master Chefs Jones PK-2 Grades
    Cooking White 3-5 Grades
    Cross-Stitch/Embroidery Ramsey 3-5 Grades
    Drawing Cooks All Grades
    Fashion Club Doolin 3-5 Grades
    Financial Literacy Crockett 4-5 Grades
    Fishing Gaines 5th Grade
    Game Strategy Crow/Crayton PK-2 Grades
    Handbell Peterbark 3-5 Grades
    Knifty Knitters Swartwelder 3-5 Grades
    Library Club Dekle/Library Aide 2-5 Grades
    Little Einsteins (Science Club) TBD PK-2 Grades
    Math Fact Board Games Lewis 1-5 Grades
    Puzzle Club Darden 3-5 Grades
    Recycling TBD PK-2 Grades
    Robotics TBD 3-5 Grades
    Spanish Christy PK-2 Grades
    Yearbook/Journalism TBD 3-5 Grades
    Yoga Rangel All Grades