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    In the news room our Scholar will be creating a news channel for the Collegiate Prep. Students will capture the special moments, discuss various topics, create storylines to broadcast them to everyone in our school. Student will learn to video record and edit media to produce for the audience of Collegiate Prep. We will also be responsible for capturing footage that will be displayed in our yearbook as well as the website.


    Students will be handling equipment such as high quality camera, recorders, lights, green screens, and computers. For that reason, this will be 5th grade only. This club will only allow 8-10 students and we will meet on Tuesdays of each week. 

    Auditions will be held October 2, 2018

    For students who are interested in the News Room Club you are required to present a short speech from one of the topics listed below. Students must prepare their speech and will be recorded. Judges will review the speeches to select who will represent this club. Students must maintain passing grades in all classes and no more than 6 behavior tallies in a 9 week period. If student fail to meet the requirements they will be removed and another candidate will take their place.

     Please select one of the following topics to Prepare your speech:

    1. What is the importance of Equality?

    2. How does diversity make America great?

    3. Why is Collegiate Prep a Great School?

    4. How does working with others help our learning?

    5. What is the importance of Freedom of speech?


    Rubric: ( How students will be judged)

    -  Is content on topic

    - Voice (speaking clearly) 

    - Can students follow directions form director 

    - Eye Contact 

    - Posture

    - Reading a Message board on que