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Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees: Juris Doctor, Michigan State University Detroit College of Law Bachelor of Science, Economics, Eastern Michigan University Certifications: Business and Finance (8-12) Core Subjects (4-8)

Dr. Lisa Johnson-Hannah

Hello! I am Dr. Hannah. I teach the General Employability Skills course at Bessie Coleman Middle School (BCMS). Though I've only been at BCMS for five years, I bring more than 14 years collegiate teaching/administrator experience and two years teaching high school seniors to the classroom. Before embarking on my teaching career, I practiced law in Michigan, serving as Associate General Counsel for the MGM Grand Detroit Casino before relocating to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

In our General Employability Skills classes, students will identify desired career, review express/implied job responsibilities, and life-style factors that may suggest alternate career paths. Scholars will, at the same time, consider the wide array of post-secondary education opportunities available to them upon high school graduation, including those afforded by certification programs, technical schools, and traditional colleges/universities. Lastly, scholars will come face-to-face with the financial reality of post-secondary education; scholars will learn the importance of saving, the wide array of scholarships, and the burden of student loans. Because many of the topics that will be covered this year involve topics with which many of the scholars lack familiarity, most concepts will be presented vis-a-vis a combination of brief lectures, group activities, and class discussions.

I look forward to partnering with scholars and families to launch the beginning of what is sure to be an anxiety-producing, yet exciting journey of a lifetime as scholars complete their studies at BCMS, finish high school, and go off to their "brand new world". When I'm not at school, I, like you, work to guide my teenage daughter through the same process. We will get through this year together, laughing with our scholars, wringing our hands in frustration, but never giving up on them. Get ready...we're at the start of SOMETHING BIG!!!!