• Welcome Cedar Hill HS @ the Ninth Grade Center Parents! 

    The first year of high school is very important and we would like to encourage you to become learning partners with your Longhorn.  Although it may seem that your student doesn’t want you to be involved in the activities of their high school career, once you are involved they appreciate it and look forward to it.  Your involvement is critical so that the Class of 2021 Longhorns can start the year strong and transition smoothly to CHHS.  Studies show that parent involvement is key in the success of all students, both academically and socially.

    The Ninth Grade Center (NGC) is forming a Parent Volunteer Committee (PVC) to assist in activities and events that involve your student.  Your help on this committee is greatly needed, and will ensure that you and your family receive the support you desire.  Without your input Ms. Webb and her staff will have no idea of what is needed. 

    The PVC will be meeting to plan events and activities for the school year.  Information is coming as to how you can volunteer. Please be sure to let us know of any special skills, businesses, or contacts that you have that can assist our students, as well as any programming or events that you would like to see at NGC.

    All parents are needed for whatever amount of time you can serve and whenever you can serve.  Please don’t think because you work you can’t be involved there will be opportunities before, during, and after school to serve.   If all parents can only serve 30 minutes this year, think of how many parent hours will have been served! 

    Opportunities may include:

    ·         Morning/Lunch Greeters and Cafeteria Assistance

    ·         Organization and Study Skills

    ·         Dance Committee

    ·         Snack Sales

    ·         Fundraising

    ·         End of School Fun Day Volunteers

    ·         Class of 2021 Committee

    ·         Parent YOUversity

    Any time you can offer to make the NGC the best campus in CHISD, will be most appreciated.   We look forward to meeting you soon.

    For questions or information on how you can get involved, please send us an email at chpvc2021@gmail.com.