• For the students in Academy school started earlier than August 21st, it began in July when many of the students came to Summer Bridge to begin their learning experience. While at Bridge the students gained first-hand knowledge of how cooperative learning works. They were given a driving question and were tasked with answering that question in their groups. This adventure helped them get ready for the Project Based Learning (PBL) they will experience this year during Academy.

    We started our 6th-grade adventure this year with the driving question of how do we promote and design a marketable cruise line. The students have taken to it swimmingly! They are currently working on a travel brochure for the countries they will be visiting on their cruise. At the same time, they are working on the design elements for their ships in preparation for testing out their sea-worthiness on a field trip at the end of the month.

    Our 7th graders are working on the driving question: what can we do to increase the quality of life of our homeless? They had a guest speaker who spoke about her efforts to help the homeless which spurred many ideas for the students to help in their own way. They are currently writing poems about homelessness, making charts and graphs to help understand the percentages of homeless, as well as writing interview questions for possible interviews with shelter workers and or the homeless.

    These students and teachers are diligently working together to bring these projects to life. Each group is as unique as their project, and are fun to watch come together. Come join us to see them in action!