Piano Lab has begun for our Spring semester!   We are busy learning the basics to the piano keyboard, and hope to be ready to perform at our Bray Fine Arts Finale in May!  
    If students have access to a piano or keyboard at home, they will be able to check out a coursebook to take home.  They MUST bring the books back every week for class. 
    What We Do:  We are EXCITED to introduce the brand new Piano Lab for the 2017 Spring semester!  The Piano lab was sponsored by our amazing Bray PTA.  Coursebooks were sponsored by the Serrata Family.  
    Students in the Piano Lab will learn beginner level piano technique and pedagogy.  They will learn the basics of the piano keyboard and reading music in a lab setting.  
    Age group: 2nd – 5th grade.  MAXIMUM 30 due to limited instruments.
    Who can join: Any 2nd – 5th grade student up to a maximum of 30 due to the limited number of pianos.  Available on a first come, first serve basis.  Priority is given to upper grades first, (5th, 4th, 3rd, then 2nd.)

    Rehearsal Days: Wednesday @ 2:15-2:5pm (Only Offered in the Spring Semester)