Welcome to Cedar Hill High School @ Ninth Grade Center Guidance Department
    Our guidance team offers a comprehensive guidance program to all students at NGC. High school is an exciting time, which brings change and sometimes challenges for students and families.  We are a resource for students, parents, and teachers and we invite you to contact me at any time. 
                     Lamonica Brewington,  lamonica.brewington@chisd.net
     Our Mission:
    “We are passionately committed to creating an environment where students feel cared for, capable, and connected. Through a comprehensive guidance and counseling program, students learn to be responsible, confident, and successful.”


    NGC Counselors provide the following services: 


    -   Academic Advising

    -   Student Scheduling

    -   Parent -Teacher Conferences

    -   College information and planning

    -   Career Research

    -   Referral for students in crisis

    -   Post-secondary planning

    -   Resources