Mrs. Newman

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Degrees and Certifications:

BFA in Theatre from Texas State University with Teaching Certification. Graduated 2007.

Mrs. Newman


Hello CHISD!

At Texas State University I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre with a Teacher's Certification.   I completed my student teaching in Austin, Texas at Westlake high school. I worked at a camp in Medina, TX and taught theatre to children ranging in ages 6 to 16 and put on a play in less then 3 weeks with a group of the children.  I was a substitute teacher in Birdville ISD and Mansfield ISD for 3 years. I spent 2 wonderful years at Patti Welder Middle School and then 3 years at Victoria East High School in Victoria, TX teaching some amazing kiddos.  This is my 3rd year at Permenter and 1st year at Collegiate Academy and I'm looking forward to continue working with some great students.


A little about the theatre environment in my classroom.

Theatre is an elective course that can be taken in fulfillment of the Fine Arts credit. It is not a required course. It is, however, an academic course that will cover a vast amount of information structured around theatre elements. The essential goal of this class is to provide the means; both content and context, to better understand the world in which we live—the purpose of art and the theatre.  The depth and specificity of material covered is largely dependent on your individual work ethic and focus.


STUDENT is the most important supply

Composition Book


Student Conduct:

Everyone in this class will demonstrate respectful and compassionate behaviors. Many of the activities of this class are performance based and cooperative in nature.  Trust is essential; trust cannot exist with out respect and compassion.

  1. The student will show respect and compassion for other students and the instructor at all times.
  2. The student will work with assigned partners in cooperative manner.
  3. The student will work independently, as directed, making maximum use of time.
  4. The student must arrive before the bell and prepared for class.
  5. The instructor dismisses the class.
  6. Respect the property of others.  If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.
  7. Pick up after yourself and return all classroom material to appropriate place at end of class.

Course Descriptions: theatre course descriptions.docx



What we are up to.... 

All classes are working on monologues or duet scenes to be performed in February.






Work for SM1

Alternate Assignment information for not seeing a show. 


Work for SM2

Student's work is researched online


Videos can be located on YouTube by searching:

BBC Animated Shakespeare

Shakespeare Quiz 1/22

R&J Mini Project due 1/22



Packet 1 - Musical Theatre

Packet 2 - Musical Theatre

Packet 3 - Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Terms



The Sound of Music

Singin' in the Rain

  • Theatre Terms for crossword.docx
  • 1.pdf
  • 2.pdf
  • 3.pdf
  • worksheet.doc
  • theatre/Musical Theatre Terms.pptx
  • theatre/Oklahoma quiz2.doc
  • theatre/Singin in the Rain quiz.doc
  • theatre/The Sound of Music quiz.doc
  • theatre/Hairspray quiz.doc