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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts- Business Administration Masters of Arts Organizational Management 4-8 Generalist and Gifted and Talented Lifetime Certifications

Mrs. Monica Buckner, MAOM

7th Grade Texas History Teacher

Virtual Class

     Welcome students, parents and guardians to the 7th grade Texas History class.  I am so thankful to be the teacher trusted to educate your scholar.  I was born and raised in my home with loving parents (who are still happily married) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  My parents both had careers in science.  My dad was a computer room program manager, inventory control manager and my mom mixed chemicals, colorings as a licensed cosmetologist and license cosmetologist instructor (teacher).   As a little girl in Philadelphia, I grew up with curiosity in science and how it works in the real world.  My love for science grew in the 8th grade that I kept my science journal and still have it to this day.  My passion for science grew and I decided to follow in my mother's shoes in my adult life by mixing color in cosmetology school.  I earned my operator license in cosmetology.  I also completed my instructor's hours.  My parents spoke with me about the importance of an education whether it is a trade school, associates or 4 year degree.  My undergraduate degree was started at Pierce Junior College in Philadelphia.  Then I went to West Virginia State University in Institute, West Virginia.  I completed my degree at Northwood University in Business Management.  My graduate degree (masters degree) was completed from The University of Phoenix in Masters of Arts in Organizational Management (MAOM).

In August of 2017, I will start another graduated degree program in Instruction and Curriculum with science as the focus at University of North Texas.  I hold a Gerneralist Certification and a a Gifted and Talented Lifetime Certifcation.  All of this education has helped me to be a better teacher for students.  It is a pleasure being part of the Bessie Coleman Middle School social studies team for the third year after being a science teacher for over nine years.  It is important for students to know that history is all around them and not just inside the classroom textbooks.  It is important to me that they are exposed to different sciences and careers that history impact. A politian are not the only history makers.  A scientist may work in a laboratory as a chemist, engineer, computer programmer, pharmacy technician and pilot just to name a few.  

     My husband who is also a scientist (computer programmer) that I met in high school and became his sweetheart.  Our union we were blessed to have amazing children who all have an active interest in science and learning education.  Our oldest daughter worked as a pharmacy technician while in high school and college.  The day after she graduated from high school she passed the test and became a certified pharmacy technician.  She and her husband has blessed us with three beautiful amazing grandsons whom we love so much.  Our son who also attended Bessie Coleman is in college studying to be a computer programmer with a focus on game development.  I am surprised and grateful he chose to follow his father's, grandfather, uncles and other family members footsteps.  Our youngest daughter, loves to read, research different topics, create art and science as well.  She is striving hard to mke some great moves for our family's history.   

Students all of your subjects are important, work together so do your best each day in every class.  Remember to be open to experience learning new things everyday. You can learn from a book you will read, a video/media, a fellow peer student or teacher.  Your teacher is here to teach and support you each day. Together, let us show our Longhorn Pride.