• Dress Code and Grooming Policy

    Click here to view the dress code. All students are expected to be in compliance on the first day of school.


    Dress and grooming policies are enforced each day of the school year. All students are expected to dress in compliance with the standardized dress criteria. This will allow students to perform effectively in the learning environment without distractions to themselves or others. The principal has total discretion in determining compliance with the standardized dress criteria. Violations of the dress or grooming code warrant disciplinary action. If the principal or designee determines that the dress or grooming of a student is inappropriate, he/she will advise the student of why the dress or grooming fails to conform to guidelines and allow the student to give an explanation. The parent or guardian of the child whose dress or grooming is inappropriate shall be notified that their child has been assigned one day of In-School Suspension or until the parent brings compliant clothing for their child to wear. A third violation of dress code will result in the parent notification that their child is assigned to Out of-School Suspension for one day. Repeated offenses will be handled as Category III and/or IV offenses. Unless modified by the principal, students, including student spectators, at school activities such as sporting events, musicals, field trips, off-campus school events and commencement exercises shall meet the grooming standards. The Standardized Dress criteria may be modified for students who are officially representing the school in extracurricular activities and are wearing an official uniform or other appropriate dress for that school activity.



    1. Unnatural or distracting hair color or style of hair

    - No purple, green, blue, fuchsia, pink, etc....Only natural color hair or extensions are allowed: black, brown, and/or blond

    2. Jewelry or other items worn in pierced body parts other than ears

    3. Jewelry that is considered to be disruptive or offensive

    4. Wearing of hats, caps, hair rollers, sunglasses, or any headgear inside the building

    5. Bandanas, arm or sweatbands

    6. Pocket chains or other chains determined as inappropriate by the principal

    7. Hair that is not kept well groomed at all times

    8. Any facial hair which is not short and neatly trimmed

    9. Flip-flops, house shoes, or slippers

    10. Dresses, skirts, or skorts that do not extend to the knee all the way around while fastened appropriately around the waist and hands placed at the side.

    11. Slits in dresses, skirts, or skorts that extend above the fingertip while fastened appropriately around the waist

    12. Shorts that do not extend to the fingertip while fastened appropriately around the waist and hands placed at the side

    13. Sagging or over sized biking shorts, cutoffs, boxer shorts, or soccer-type shorts

    14. Pants that do not reveal the shoes

    15. Clothing that reveals undergarments

    16. Rips or tears in clothing.

    17. The presence of any apparel, jewelry, accessory, or manner of grooming which by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark, symbol, or any other attribute which implies membership or affiliation with a gang, secret society, fraternity, or sorority.