• We welcome parents to come and eat with their child in the café!  We have a special parents section on the right side of the café that parents may use.  You will need to come during your child's regularly scheduled lunch period as we will not pull them out of the classroom to miss instructional time. 
    Please note that you may only eat lunch with your own child.  We do not allow parents to bring lunch or pull other students to the parents table.  Only people listed as the child's parent/guardian or people listed under the child's emergency contacts may eat with the students.  This is for the protection of the students. 
    Due to the Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value act, we cannot allow cupcakes to be brought to the school on your child's birthday - even during lunch.  You may, of course, bring a cupcake for your own child but we cannot pass them out to other students.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office. 
    Lunch schedules can be found on the Useful Links section on the mainpage of the Bray website.